Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Features, Price and News

xiaomi mi band 3

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Features, Price and News: As we know from last few months fitness bands is on their peak. There sale increases rapidly due to their performance, features and price. Fitness band is something is trending these days and at the same time it gives you a cool look. These bands are available from different companies and one of the leading companies among them is our Xiaomi. Few years ago this company came into market and it spreads everywhere due to their price range, features and optimization.

As per my thinking Xiaomi has the best optimization sense among all big names (no offense to others). Xiaomi earns users trust just with their performance and reliability. Xiaomi already launched two fitness bands and they are so popular among the users. Yet we didn’t hear any complaints about Mi Band 1 and Mi Band 2. Reports are there Xiaomi also released Mi Band 3 in the market and it already created buzz among the users. Let’s look into the specifications, price, features and latest news about this amazing product.

xiaomi mi band 3

Before jumping to the latest buzz about Xiaomi Mi band 3 we would like to give you some introduction about these bands. As we said earlier fitness bands are available from so many companies but my personal favourite is Xiaomi. Have you ever thought what features you will get with these bands? If not, we will take you through all those amazing stuff. These wearable are seriously feature rich gadget and an affordable option for those who wants to track their body statistics and stay fit ‘n’ healthy. Some common features of fitness band are listed below:

  • It can count number of steps taken by you in a day
  • Helps you in heart rate monitoring
  • It can act as a running and cycling coach
  • It tracks your sleep also
  • Amazing battery life
  • Tracks your swimming strokes and time
  • Can be connected through iOS and Android
  • Smartphone notifications
  • Tracks gym workouts

These are some common features available in fitness bands. Now let us check how many are there in Xiaomi Mi Band 3.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Features – A Quick Walk-through

MI always proved them as a budget company. Mi band 2 was also one of the example of cheap but feature rich fitness band and they continued this legacy with Mi Band 3 also.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 – Price and Date

Mi band 3 was announced early this year 2018 by CEO and it was released in China market in May 2018. If you are china you can buy it there easily but for some other countries it is available through unofficial channels.

There are two version of Mi band 3 is released one is basic and another one is with NFC board. You can buy basic mi 3 fitness band for 179 Chinese Yuan and for NFC band you have to pay 199 Chinese Yuan.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 – Display, Design and Look

If you liked Xiaomi Mi Band 2 then you will surely like this band also. Design is quite similar with the previous one but one thing which I liked most about this is its quite thin. Due to band 3 thin design it looks like look on your wrist. Xiaomi also claimed that it is made up of thermoplastic elastomeric so it is friendlier with your skin.

As we said it is thin then previous Mi band so it will give a proper fitness tracker band instead of smartwatch. Xiaomi Mi band 3 straps are interchangeable so you will have a variety of design and it is available in black, orange and deep blue colour. You can expect more colours when it comes to your country.

xiaomi mi band 3

Coming to its display, screen size of 0.78 inch OLED panel which I personally think will look good on your wrist. Mi band 3 comes with resolution of 128 x 80 and to be exact dimensions are 17.9 x 46.9 x 12mm and its weight if 20g only. Xiaomi Mi band 3 is waterproof up to 50 meters means you can take it into shower or swimming.

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Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Features and Smartness

As we said Xiaomi is a budget company but they clearly proven that they will not compromise with features. In this Mi band 3 you will get heart rate sensor that will help you in keeping a track of changes in your heart beat.

There are quite obvious features which you will be getting like Caller ID, alarm clock, notification support, raise-to-walk feature and you can also read your messages on Mi Band 3. Along with this new Mi Band 3 are three-day weather forecasts and a timer.

Pedometer is also there plus you can keep track of your working out timings, distance and many more things are there. While sleeping also you should not be removing this band because it will give you a brief summary about your sleep quality with its sleep tracking feature. So this amazing band should be stick on your wrist round the clock.

One of the most amazing features is NFC payments. Don’t know whether that is actually there or not but getting the buzz like with Mi band 3 NFC version. There is also buzz like you can make payments also. If it is there then it will be an extra add but if it not there then also Mi Band 3 is not less than other expensive fitness bands.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Battery and Connectivity

Xiaomi didn’t explain anything about processing technology but it will be good only. We can hope like it will be good enough to do the basic tracking which is needed in day to day life.

xiaomi mi band 3

Mi Band 3 is having inbuilt Bluetooth 4.2 version. So you can connect it with your Android 4.4 and above as well as your iOS with iOS 9.0 above.

Xiaomi said Mi Band 3 is having 110mAh cell which lasts roughly around 20 days once it is fully charged. That is quite impressive but we have to check this once we get this band on or wrist.

What we felt about Mi Band 3?

Mi Band 3 is having all the amazing features which are present in high end costly fitness trackers. But somewhere there is a scope of improvement in tracking. GPS is also missing in this product so from our end we think it’s a minus point. If you are planning to buy fitness band with amazing features then you should go for Xiaomi Mi Band 3.

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