What are status videos for WhatsApp? ( 3 Best Examples)

Status videos for WhatsApp

WhatsApp is an extremely popular messaging app for users worldwide. WhatsApp has a ton of features and seems to always be coming out with new features. This article is about status videos for WhatsApp which is one of their newer features.

How to use WhatsApp status

Status allows you to share text, photo, video and GIF updates that disappear after 24 hours, similar to Snapchat. In order to send and receive status updates to and from your contacts, you and your contacts must have each other’s phone numbers saved in your phones’ address books.

Where to find status videos for WhatsApp

You can make your own custom social media videos with Vidtiva or find free sites such as:

Create and send status update

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Go to status
  • Tap either text to compose a written status update, or Camera to take a photo, record a video. You can also add a caption, make edits, or add a GIF.
  • Tap send

View or reply to a WhatsApp status

  • To view a contact’s status update, tap the Status tab. Then click on the contact’s status update.
  • To reply to a contact’s status update, tap reply while viewing the Status.

How to save WhatsApp status videos using your Android phone

  • Open Google Files app on your Android smartphone, and click on the hamburger icon on the top-left and tap Settings.
  • If you’re using a Pixel smartphone, then open the Files app, click on the three-dots icon on the top-right and tap Settings.
  • On the next screen, enable Show hidden files. On Pixel smartphones, you need to enable Show internal storage.
  • Now go back to the Files app’s main menu and tap Internal storage.
  • Now go to the WhatsApp folder —> Media —> ‘.Statuses’.
  • To save a photo or a video, long-press on it and tap Copy. Now paste the file in any folder of your choice in the phone’s internal storage.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to save any photo or video that was set as a contact’s WhatsApp Status. This method allows you to save any WhatsApp status you’ve opened even if it’s been more than 24 hours since the status was posted.

If you’d like to download premade WhatsApp status videos then head over to a site like VideosForStatus.com. However, if you have the tools to make them on your own then give it a whirl. Check out other tips and tricks at TechDescribed.com.

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