Unfortunately Camera Has Stopped – OnePlus 7 Pro Fixed

unfortunately camera has stopped one plus 7 Pro

OnePlus 7 Unfortunately camera has stopped – OnePlus became too popular from last few years and they have delivered some awesome phones also to meet the expectations. They always comes with some extra ordinary features and prove their existence in market. You can clearly see the difference in upgraded versions of OnePlus series phones. If we talk about cameras, OnePlus has best in the market. Believe me camera has become the trend setter in market.

If any smartphone is having good camera then automatically sale is going to increase. Quality cameras are available in every range and budget but we feel OnePlus delivers the best at this point of time. While going through the different OnePlus forums we came to know that users are getting Unfortunately Camera has Stopped Error. We planned to pick this issue and guess what!! We came up some working solutions for your issues. Read full article “How to Fix Unfortunately Camera has Stopped – OnePlus 7 Pro”.

Since you are getting this issue that doesn’t mean OnePlus 7 Pro is not a good device or its camera is not worthy. First of all this error doesn’t come for everyone and secondly it can be anything hardware or software issue. You don’t need to worry if you get unfortunately camera has stopped error on your OnePlus 7 Pro just follow the steps given below and we are quite sure one of them will fix your issue.

unfortunately camera has stopped

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Unfortunately Camera Has Stopped – OnePlus 7 Pro Fixed

Here we have discussed some of the possible ways to fix unfortunately camera has stopped for OnePlus 7 Pro. You can follow them one by one and hopefully your issue will be resolved.

Reboot Camera – Clear Cache and Data

Sometimes rebooting your camera will fix “Unfortunately Camera has Stopped” issue. This method is most effective when you are using your camera app for too long. Therefore, it is better to reboot camera and for safer side you can clear cache and data also. To clear cache and data follow the steps below:

  • Go to Settings >> Apps or Apps and Notification (Depending of the handset you are using)
  • Search for Gallery App under all the download Apps
  • Tap to open that and then click on Storage
  • Under storage you’ll get an option to clear cache and storage/data
  • Once you have cleared cache and data restart your device once

Hopefully you’ll not get the camera error again. In any case error persists kindly go for next method

Restart Your Device

Yeah this is one of the most common solution for any issue. You can give it a try once because by restarting some of the settings will be restored to default. So there is no harm in restarting your device and check whether error is still there or not.

Reset Camera Settings – Manually

It is one of the most effective way to fix Unfortunately Camera has Stopped. Unusual camera setting can be one of the reason for this error. It is quite similar to clear cache and data. Your images and videos won’t be deleted if you reset your camera setting but in case you want to take backup then surely go ahead. To reset camera app settings:

  • Go to Device Camera Application
  • Open camera settings >> Reset to default (Scroll down and you’ll get this option)
  • Tap on it and proceed for camera settings reset.

Install Third Party Camera App

If you are not getting rid of the error and you are in urgent need of camera app try installing third party apps. There are some good camera apps are present in Google Play Store which you can use as of now and at later point of time you can follow our guide to fix the issue.

Reboot Your Device in Safe Mode to Fix OnePlus 7 Pro – Unfortunately camera has stopped

  • If none of the above mentioned solution worked for your device try rebooting it in safe mode and follow the steps given below.
  • Switch off your device and then press and hold the Power button until Android logo appears
  • Now, press Volume Up + Volume Down button together for few seconds
  • After this your device will boot into Safe mode.
  • Now open camera and check whether issue has been resolved or not.

Reset and Update to Latest Software Version

Sometimes, company releases minor updates to fix such issues if they notice large number of people are affected. So it is one of the easiest solution to fix OnePlus 7 Pro camera issue.

Note: Don’t forget to take backup of your device (Highly Recommended).

  • Go to Settings >> Backup & Reset
  • Then tap on Back up my data and then Factory Data Reset
  • Don’t forgot to enable Erase Internal Storage option
  • Tap on Reset Phone >> Erase Everything
  • After this all the data and settings will be deleted and your device will automatically reset and restored
  • Then update your OnePlus 7 Pro to the latest software version available.

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