TikTok App Tips And Tricks (Musical.ly) – Top 10

top tiktok app tips tricks

TikTok App Tips and Tricks – TikTok is one of the most popular apps available for any platform being Windows, iOS, Android or any other. Last year in 2018, Musical.ly was shut down abruptly and its users were migrated to a new network. Few years ago one more app was there Dubsmash, at first instance TikTok reminds you of that. But believe me TikTok or Musical.ly is lot more of that with extra features, users and many more things. It is kind of app for every age group and can be used any time whether you’re brushing your teeth at 7:45 a.m. or making dinner at 7:45 p.m. 

In addition to the lip sync videos, you can make your own awesome videos by capturing funny moments to share the world. Take your videos to next level with special effects filters, fun stickers, music, and more.

Today we came up with Top TikTok App Tips and Tricks for you. You can use them to enhance your TikTok video and show your friends what you got.

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TikTok App Tips and Tricks (Musical.ly) – Top 10

Upload Video from Gallery

As you know it’s not possible to upload or record new video always. So in such situations you can upload your previous videos from gallery.

So first of all, launch TikTok App and click on Add button {+} at bottom.

top tiktok app tips tricks

Now click on Upload button in next screen and select the video which you want to upload. Then press next.

Here one interesting feature is available that is, Select Multiple. In case you want to upload more than one video then click select multiple at bottom. Now you are allowed to select more than one video.

Now adjust the video length for every video if you want. Also you can adjust the speed of video and then click next once you are done.

After this select from various effects available and finally click next button to upload video from you gallery.

Create Video with Photos

This is one of the coolest TikTok App Tips, mostly people will download separate app for this but this can be done through TikTok. TikTok is having one Slideshow feature which allows you to create video from photos.

Launch TikTok and tap on Add Icon [+] at bottom then click on Upload.

Now under Image tab select all the images you want to use for slideshow/ video. Finally click on Slideshow option at right corner.

Now you video is almost ready you can add effects, music and transitions to slideshow. Once you are done, click on Next.

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Download Videos

First of all we would like to tell you can’t download your own video until and unless you’ve shared it. TikTok is an amazing platform to share videos and clips. Most of the time you’ll find some videos which you want to download and share. Thankfully, it is allowed in this app.

Firstly, go to the video which you want to download.

Then tap on the Share Icon, as soon as you press share icon you’ll get lot of options for share and also you can save the video to your phone.

Switch to Private Profile

If you haven’t set your profile is private means anyone on TikTok can see your musicals. In case you want to show your musicals to your followers then you have to set your profile to private.

top tiktok app tips tricks

Tap on three dot icon at top right corner of profile page. Then under Privacy and Safety you’ll find a toggle bar to make your account private.

Suppose you are not ready with your video save them in drafts it will be visible to you only.

Privacy Settings

If you don’t want anyone to download your videos you can restrict them by using privacy settings. While using app you might have noticed that for some videos download option was disabled this is because of settings. To change privacy settings for your account follow the steps given below:

Go to your profile page and click on three dot icon on top right corner.

Then select Privacy and Security and then on next screen multiple options will be there for settings.

Now select who can download my video and under this you’ll get three options

top tiktok app tips tricks
  1. All
  2.  Friends  
  3. Off

You can select among these three options whichever suits you the best.

You can change other settings also like who can send me comments, who can react to me and many more.

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Delete Your Video

Suppose you have shared a video and later you wish to delete it and upload a new video. This is also possible, follow the steps given below:

Open video which you want to delete and click on three dot icon on right side.

Now scroll the carousel and select delete.

Create Perfect Lip Sync Video

This is one of the main TikTok App Tips and Tricks to create lip sync videos. While recording any song or video you might face difficulty to perfectly match the lip sync. But don’t worry in TikTok there are ways through which you can edit correctly.

Once you’ve selected a song for your video, click on scissors icon to select the portion of the song which is going be the part of your video.

When the video is recorded, select the scissor icon again to define when song should start.

Like this way you can create perfectly lip sync TikTok video.

Choose a Song from Someone Else’s Lip Sync Video

Another coolest TikTok App Tips and Tricks, directly record from someone else’s lip sync video. Quite often while surfing TikTok you’ll come across videos with perfect lip sync and wanted to create your own. In such situations you need to search for the song instead you can start recording directly.

Simple click on the click with album cover and then tap on record option.

Duet Video Feature

When you and your friend with whom you want to record a video is not nearby. Then for such situations TikTok have duet feature enabled in it. You don’t need to waste effort on syncing video instead directly record using this feature.

Directly open the video for which you want to create a duet. Then click on share and there you’ll find duet option. Now start recoding video normally as you would.

Record Video Without Holding Button

One of the best TikTok App Tips is recoding a video without holding button. It is not always possible to record with holding a button to avoid this you can use timer function of TikTok. You can set timer for 3 seconds which is by default timing.

top tiktok app tips tricks

Go to video capture screen and then tap on timer icon. Then press start countdown button to start recording after specified time.

These are Top 10 – TikTok App Tips and Tricks. If you have something extra kindly share with us via comments. Hope you like this article “TikTok App Tips and Tricks” for anything related to this discuss with us through comments.

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