Top cheap Windows laptops under $500.00 – December 2020

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Getting affordable laptops can be a hassle at times because not all the laptops that are available in a lower price range live up to your expectations. Therefore, when you have a budget constraint, you have to ensure that you are properly researching the best laptops available. This article will go over the top cheap Windows laptops under $500.00.

You need to consider the price, which is the mean constraint when you are looking for a laptop that is affordable, and you also need to check the size of the hard drive and also the storage capacity. The keypad of the laptop plays an important role, and you cannot miss out on the battery life. Let’s find out some of the best options available for the top 5 cheap Windows laptops under $500.

Check the options below and choose the best laptop suited for you. Make sure you make a calculated decision based on your requirements and your needs for a laptop.

1. Acer Aspire 5 Slip Laptop, 15.6 Inches With Full HD IPS Display

The Aspire 5 slim laptop is a Full HD IPS display laptop. It has a Windows 10 s operating system when it belongs to the A515-43-R19L series. It has a wireless WiFi Communication Technology. The maximum power supply wattage used by this laptop is 65 watts. It has different types of Port, including one USB 3.1 generation port, along with 2 USB 2.0 ports and also 1 HDMI port, which comes along with HDCP support. This is one of the best cheap Windows laptops under $500.00.

The most amazing part is it has a backlit keyboard that can illuminate your keys when it’s dark. Moreover, it comes with a very good battery life, which can last up to 7.5 hours. To enhance its beauty and features, it also comes with a 15.6 inches full HD display, which is quite a widescreen with an extra feature of backlit LED IPS display.

Even you won’t have to worry about memory because it comes with 4GB DDR4 memory space and 128 GB PCIe NVMe SSD. It has a max screen resolution of 1920 X 1080.  Even with all of the features that cost more on others, this made it to the list of cheap Windows laptops under $500.00


  • Amazing screen brightness
  • Extraordinary screen quality
  • Very lightweight
  • Good battery life
  • Amazing touch screen feature
  • Good for gaming.


  • Customer complaints that it does not have a good processing power. 

2. ASUS Vivobook 15 Thin And Light Laptop

Vivobook 15 is an amazing laptop launched by Asus. It has a Windows 10 as an operating system that can work really well for you. This laptop comes with an amazing feature of voice command keyboard, which can make typing easier for you. Moreover, it has an ergonomic backlit keyboard that can illuminate the keys for you when you are working in the dark. Not only this, but this ASUS laptop also has a fingerprint-sensor activating via Windows hello system. The features on this made it to the list of best cheap Windows laptops under $500.00

Along with all these amazing keyboard features, it also features an amazing screen with 15.6 inches full HD display. Its screen comes with a 4-way nanoEdge bezel display, which makes it even better. The great part is, it has an extraordinary 88% screen-to-body ratio. It has the most latest tenth Generation Intel core i3 CPU. When it comes to connections, it has different types of ports available in IT, including USB 3.2 type C, USB 3.2 Type-A, USB 2.0, and an HDMI port, which gives you enough options for connection. Along with all of these features, it also has an HD camera located at the top of the Bezel. These features were some of the best in the cheap Windows laptops we reviewed.


  • Very lightweight
  • Extraordinary fingerprint reading feature
  • Great screen quality
  • Good for gaming. 


  • A customer complains that it came with 4GB memory instead of 8GB.  

3. Lenovo Flex 5, 14 Inches 2-In-1 Laptop

This IdeaPad Flex 5 of 14 inches by Lenovo can be a great buy for you. It comes with smarter Technology, great flexibility, and amazing features. IdeaPad Flex 5 comes with all the amazing features like performance, connectivity, and beautiful design yet at a very affordable price. It comes with an AMD ryzen five 4500U processor. This processor was one reason we added it to the best cheap laptops under $500.00

Not only this, but the Ideapad laptop also has a 16GB DDR4 memory along with 256 GB SSD storage, which can allow you to store things freely and have a hassle-free experience with your IdeaPad. This laptop has a webcam at the top of the screen along with a shutter on the webcam, which can ensure you to keep your privacy.

It is designed in a way that can move from zero degrees to 360 degrees in a flash, which can give you more options while you’re deciding your sitting position. It’s very lightweight, and it only weighs 3.64 pounds. Moreover, it’s only 0.82 inches thick, which makes it look very elegant. It also comes with a Digital Pen, which can allow you to have so many options for creativity. This feature made it to the list of best cheap Windows laptops under $500.00


  • Brilliant value for money
  • Extraordinary fingerprint reading feature
  • Great touch screen
  • Amazing battery life
  • Good camera quality


  • The customer complains that Lenovo Customer Service doesn’t work well. 

4. Lenovo IdeaPad 3, 14 Inch Laptop

IdeaPad 3, 14 inches can be a great purchase and this Lenovo laptop comes with a 14.0-inch FHD display. It has a very fast working Windows 10 operating system, which can let you introduce yourself to the faster world. This laptop belongs to the series IdeaPad 3 14 inches. It has Dolby audio, which can deliver you crystal clear crisp sound quality. It has different connectivity options, which include Bluetooth 4.1 up to 2 x 2 WiFi 5 and 3 USB ports along with an HDMI port so that you get an opportunity to avail all of these connector types. Moreover, it has a webcam at the top of the screen, which comes with a physical Shutter so that you can keep your privacy. It has an AMD ryzen 5 3500 U mobile processor, which can work really well for you. Moreover, it comes along with Radeon graphics, which can deliver influential performance for your everyday tasks. 


  • Very lightweight
  • Amazing battery life
  • Good value for money


  • Customer complaints that its screen was washed out.


HP 14 inch HD Laptop Newest for Business and Student

5. HP HD Laptop, 14 Inches

This HP laptop is another one of the top laptops that are available at affordable prices. This laptop has a perfect laptop for all the students who need something pocket friendly and a laptop that is not caused by an or. It is a 14-inch laptop that comes with 128 GB SSD and also has WiFi and Bluetooth available. It comes with various different features, including HDMI and has the Windows 10.

You would definitely love the fact that this HP laptop is super reliable and has a display of 1366 X 768, and also it is super lightweight with the weight of only 3.24 LBS. It is great in terms of long-lasting battery, and the battery life lasts up to 10 hours. For the people who want to travel with their laptops, this HP laptop is perfectly e great and super portable. You will find out several different features on this laptop, including the memory size of 4GB and CPU speed of 2.30 gigahertz. It has two processes, and also the hard disk size is 128 GB. The CPU is super robust, and the overall dimension of this laptop is 12.80 x 8.90 x 0.80 inches.


  • It is a reliable laptop
  • Works super fast
  • Affordable


  • Some of the customers complain about the quick-draining battery.

Buying Guide

Check the features below and decide the laptop that you want after reading the buying guide below.


Even if you are planning to get a laptop that to in a budget, you must look for the perfect quality laptop that is super reliable and will last for a long while. You should check the processor, and most of the people recommend the 10th generation on the 8th Generation Intel Core i5 or i3 processor is. These processors are not only super robust and powerful but also worked incredibly. However, reviewers avoid the AMD processors first of these are the processes that include dual-core A9 and also include the Celeron processor. One should also avoid the Intel Pentium series.


The storage place in important role whenever you are planning to buy a laptop. You don’t want to be super irritated by the low storage capacity. Therefore it is better to choose a laptop that has a solid Drive storage of 64GB. Also, the storage can often be abbreviated as HDD, so don’t get confused about that.


The memory of the internal storage of the laptop is another most important feature. You will look at several different laptops that have various ranges of internal capacity. It is better and much more functional to get a laptop that has the internal capacity or memory of 8GB. It is also listed on named as Ram. However, if you are looking at a 4GB laptop, it will also do the task. But with a 4GB memory, you may not be able to run several different programs and applications at the same time.

Screen size and resolution

The screen size will play an important role if you are planning to get a laptop that you can easily carry around. For people and especially the students who want to have their laptop with them all the time it is better to get a laptop which has a screen of 14 inches. Moreover, the resolution should also be considered deeply. You have to check the resolution, and mostly the standard resolution is 1366 X 768. but for better resolution, you should look for a 1920 X 1080 HD resolution.

Keyboard and trackpad

The keyboard and Touchpad are other most important features. You have to check if the keypad is responsive, and you can easily use the keypad properly. Also, the backlit keyboard is also appreciated. Moreover, the Touchpad needs to be easily responsive and easy to use.

Design and construction

When you are on a limited budget, you cannot ask for everything, and anything but the design and construction play an important role. You have to find a laptop that is not super heavy and difficult to carry. However, look for a laptop that is great in terms of mobility coma portability. Also, the construction matters a lot if you are planning to use the laptop for the longer term.

Battery life

For better and longer use, you must have great battery life. Most of the laptops at this price range do not have a great battery life, but you can find some of the laptop that provides an incredible battery life. You have to do a little research and find out how capable the laptop is and if the performance of the laptop will be bumpy or smooth. There are several other aspects that you need to consider, but the above few features or must consider.

Final Thoughts On Cheap Windows Laptops Under $500.00

Most Windows laptops that you’ll find under $500 are not the best in terms of performance and durability, but we have discussed a few that you can consider. The above list comprises of 5 top quality and best cheap Windows laptops under $500. You can check each of these laptops based on the processor and battery life along with the storage and the screen size and resolution.

Whichever you decide on, make sure it is durable and easily portable. Also, usually, the competition is between the Acer laptop and the HP laptop, which has pretty impressive quality and great screen resolution as well. Moreover, you can also check out the other options, including the Lenovo IdeaPad, which is also very famous among people because of its affordable prices and great functionality. The performance of the Lenovo IdeaPad is really amazing. Moreover, there are other laptops in the market as well, which you can find out after a little deeper research, but it is better to consider these top quality laptops that we have mentioned above.

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