Top 5 Mac USB Hubs

top 5 mac usb hubs

The Macbook Pro models come with USB C port; however, what would you do if you have to connect your device to any other port? We know that there is fantastic Technology for every problem, and for this particular problem, you can get the USB C hub for the MacBook. Are you wondering where you would find the USB C hubs? Well, no more worries! We have listed the top 5 best Mac USB hubs for for you to decide the perfect option available for you.

If you want to connect any device to your Mac using the USB, a port for one the external hard drive or keyboard connection, or even camera storage, these USB-c hubs come handy for these issues.

The USB C port is a handy and easily accessible solution for plugging in all the necessary accessories that you need to connect to your MacBook. And if you are not already ready to say goodbye to the HDMI port or the other ports that are unavailable on Mac, then this USB C port hub will be the blessing in disguise.

Check out the top 5 Mac USB hubs in the list below. However, you also need to check the buying guide before you finally purchased the USB hub for your Mac.

1. USB C Hub Multiport Adapter 

The first USB C hub is a multiport adaptor that has the perfect 7 in 1 port for the perfect connection. It comes web the 4K HDMI output port along with three different USB 3.0 ports. There is an SD card and a micro card reader as well that works perfectly well with the MacBook Pro. You can also connect the type C devices with their USB hub.

One of the main features of this USB hub is that it is super portable and easy to use. The sleek design and the compact size has a dimension of 4.5 X 1.1 X 0.4 inches. It provides just the perfect amount of accessibility and performance as you need. Moreover, there is an amazing temperature control and anti overheating mechanism as well in this USB C hub. This ensures a better and longer life of this hub. Temperature controlled and smart chips available in this USB C Ham main insurance accident performance.


  • Highly functional 
  • Compact and easy to carry 
  • Easy plug and play 
  • Affordable 


  • No USB C point on it 

2. Anker 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub 

Anker 4 port USB hub is actually a very affordable USB-c hub that is available with four different ports and an ultra-slim design. It may not support charging, but it has 2 feet extended cable for you to connect it to the Macbook or Mac Pro or any other device.

The advantage of anchor USB hub is that it is super fast in data transfer. Also, the setup is super simple and easy using this extended cable. You can adjust the length according to your convenience. You will get for USB 3.0 ports cable tie and a guide with this Anker USB hub. Moreover, this USB C hub comes with a warranty of 18 months.

This Anker 4 port, not the best if you want something that has multiple ports. However, if you need something that offers various USB ports, then this can be the ideal match. Anker is a reputed brand on which people can rely. Also, this USB hub is super affordable.


  • Slim and sleek design
  • Various USB 3.0 ports
  • Has an extended to feet cable for better convenience


  • Does not support the external hard drive

3. Purgo USB C Hub Adapter

Purgo USB C hub is an intelligent and sophisticated solution when you are looking for the USB C hub. Not only at a super affordable, but you can easily swing at the side of the Mac. The easy and simple connection and the plug and play formula of this USB C hub makes it super Amazing and easy to use.

This Purgo USB C hub has to USB C thunderbolt ports along with HDMI port and 2 USB type ports as well. Moreover, this USB C hub is capable of the output of two different types. One can be the 4K resolution at 60 hertz, and the other one can be the 5K resolution at 60 hertz. Image output using this USB hub is excellent, and we cannot deny that. If you want to connect it to the display, you will definitely get a visual treat.


  • Several USB ports available
  • Excellent image output and display
  • Affordable, compact and easy-to-use


  • Heats up
  • SD card reader not available

4. LENTION USB-C Multi-Port Hub

We have another one on earliest that comes with four different ports, including the 4K HDMI output and USB 3.0 type c ports. This USB C hub is compatible with charging as well, and it is great for not only Macbook but also Chromebook. The video and audio output of this USB C hub is excellent and provides the 4K resolution at not only 30 hertz but also 60 hertz.

This hub is integrated for charging and can also be used to connect to the heart this comedy with the driver and other accessories. It is capable of passing through the power of 60 words, and the style is super elegant as well. This USB C hub is perfect for multifunctional use, and it is made from the aluminum alloy, which makes it a great option to use for a long time. This hub is highly recommended with the people who are looking for the options of the USB C hubs that are affordable reliable, and this not take a lot of space. For incredible expansion in the connectivity for your Mac, this USB-c hub is the best option.


  • Allows incredible connectivity and supports charging
  • Amazing and decent finish along with the sleek and compact design
  • Easy plug and play
  • Convenient to carry


  • Heats up fast when connected to the HDMI
  • The chord of the USB C is short and difficult to use

5. USB C Hub HDMI Adapter

This USB C hub on a list that comes with the HDMI adaptor and offers 7 in 1 functions. This USB C hub is not only incredible but also perfect to use because it also supports charging. The USB ports have a speed of up to 5 Gbps, which is quite incredible. Also, the video and audio output are amazing as well, and it can work on the lower resolution of 60 Hertz. The integrated plug and play function works amazingly for this USB-c hub and for the Mac. The power delivery of this hub is 100 watts.

This USB c is easy to connect and helps with expanding the connectivity of the Mac full stop the space-saving design benefit you even more. This aluminum alloy, a body along with the sleek design, makes this USB C hub and amazing option. Moreover, if you are used to using the external devices and drives on your Mac, then this is the perfect option.


  • High-quality USB C hub in affordable price
  • Works amazingly and the speed of data transfer is amazing as well
  • The charging speed is absolutely perfect, and the connectivity is also great.


  • USB hub can heat up easily
  • The cable that is available for the connection is not very long

Buying Guide For Mac USB Hubs

What should you look for or in the Mac USB C hub?

When you are looking for the USB C hub for your Macbook, there are several aspects that you need to consider. Check out some of the aspects to consider in your USB C hub in the list below.

  • Convenience – The first aspect and the factor that you need to consider in the USB C hub is the convenience and ease of use that it has to offer. You must check the several ports and the charging ports available on the hub that you might be needing while working on the Macbook. Without checking the ports, you should not get the USB C hub. The cable management, along with pass-through charging, USB, a port HDMI port, and others, have to be available on the USB C hub to ensure that it provides the overall convenience of connection.
  • Price – These USB C hubs are not the most expensive thing that you will find on the internet, but still, you would want to check the quality before you invest the money. Check the quality off the before you buy it. Make sure it is not just a piece of trash but actually works best with your Mac.
  • Supports several connections – Also, check if it is capable of connecting with several computers. Also, check if it is compatible with the USB A port. Check if it has audio ports and mini display port as well. If there is a VGA display port, it would be even better. That display port makes a huge difference for the USB C hub.
  • Number of ports – Usually, the USB-c hub has 4 to 7 ports available. Even though it is better to get the USB hub with more number of ports but it also depends upon your requirement. If you only require the USB port 3.0, then you can look for the USB C hub with just the particular ports that you require.
  • Anti overheating mechanism – Most of these USB adaptors and hubs can easily e be heated when connected to the Mac. However, to ensure the safety of your computer and the data, you need to ensure that the USB hub that you get has an anti overheating mechanism.

What is the major difference between USB C adaptor and USB C hub?

When you are searching for the USB C hub, you will come across several different USB C adaptors as and dock, which are actually hubs but are termed as adaptors. This is the fault by the manufacturers who are throwing out words without realizing the Glitch. Most of the people end up getting USB C adaptors instead of USB C hubs when actually they want the hub because of the worst wordplay.

If you are wondering what the difference between USB C hub and adaptor is, we can help you in understanding. The USB C hub is capable of faster transferring of data, and the speed is much better in the hubs as compared to the adaptors. Moreover, the USB C hubs provide the external display that, too, for multiple ports, and the increased performance is also available for the USB C hub. If you are comparing USB C adaptor and USB C hub, you will find that the higher HC support is available for the USB C hub as compared to the adaptors. Also, the performance of the overall hub is a lot better than the adaptors.

The adaptors are simpler to use and are not perfect for versatile port availability. These have one single port change over. However, the adaptors are more price-friendly as compared to the hubs. Where are the hubs designed for more versatile features? These hubs are portable and smaller in size. The USB C hub is, no doubt, a much more reliable option to get.

Final thoughts 

Now that you have checked all the top 5 Mac USB C hubs, you can finally decide which of these hubs is the perfect option for you. You can choose the perfect and the ideal option based on the ports and the support available. All so you can choose your best USB C hub for MacBook based on the price and the reliability as well. The detailed review of the above five Mac USB Hubs will help you out in getting that best one available. We would recommend you to get Purgo USB C hub which is perfect for smaller desks. However, if you are looking for something that is a speedy and perfect for fast data transfer, then Anker USB C Hub is the ideal option.

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