Tidal vs Spotify- Two strong rivals in the music streaming world

tidal vs spotify

Tidal and Spotify- these are two subscription-based services for streaming music. Although both of them have gained high popularity, they have pros and cons. We have made a comparative analysis of these music streaming service providers. You can make the right decision by reading it “Tidal vs Spotify.

Tidal vs Spotify- Which is a better choice for you?

The present market of music streaming is now in a fully saturated condition. However, two of the biggest players in this market are Tidal and Spotify. Spotify has millions of users in different parts of the world. Still, with Spotify, some music fans do not find everything that they desire. That is why they have chosen Tidal as a better option. Now, we have presented you with a detailed comparison- Tidal vs Spotify.

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Catalog of music

Tidal has claimed that its library includes 60 million music tracks, while Spotify offers 50 million tracks and 450,000 podcasts. Jay-Z and other reputed musicians have promoted their talents in Tidal. When you prefer the performance of hip-hop artists and rap singers, you may choose Tidal.

tidal vs spotify

The music catalog of Spotify is highly balanced. Based on your musical interests, it can automatically turn on the music.

Quality of sound

While writing a comparison, Tidal vs Spotify, we have to check out the sound quality provided by Spotify and Tidal. You can use any of your audio devices to listen to the compressed streaming-quality sound.

The Premium version of Tidal delivers CD-quality sound due to the HiFi tier. However, you have to use a compatible gadget to get value from higher bandwidth streams of Tidal.

But some Smartphone users have complained that these music streams may consume a higher amount of data.

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Device compatibility

While analyzing hi-res music tracks, we have found Tidal has chosen the MOA format delivering 24-bit audio. Some devices enable you to enjoy MQA streams,although they can affect the quality.

tidal vs spotify

While we have looked at differences for a comparison, Tidal vs Spotify, there are a few similarities. Both Mac and Windows users can use Tidal and Spotify. Moreover, they can stream music from iOS and Android devices. What is more, you can use Apple AirPlay and Chromecast to enjoy tunes from any part of your home. However, to get additional benefits from Spotify, you may choose Spotify Connect. Premium subscribers are capable of streaming directly to TVs and speakers.

In case of Tidal, Hi-Fi subscribers may choose Chrome to get pleasure from lossless sound. Tidal apps can perform on most of the platforms, including Android TV, tvOS, and MacOS. These apps have also become a part of Hi-Fi products, including Cyrus players and Linn.

Subscription options

Now, let us have a view at Tidal vs Spotify subscription prices. Both these music-streaming services offer more than one subscription tiers to serve a range of users.

One of the best facts is that Spotify gives you a chance of testing its free version that contains ads. Spotify Premium with the lowest price rate costs $9.99.

You can enjoy unlimited number of music tracks. There is also an option for downloading those songs to play them in an offline mode.


In conclusion, we can say that Tidal sounds somewhat better when you have compatible devices to stream its music. However, Spotify has focused more on the playlist to give you enjoyment at any time.

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