Give Yourself A New Smartphone By Selecting Anyone From Real Me 6 Pro or Poco X2

Real Me 6 Pro Vs Poco X2

We all love updating your mobile phones with time, but now as we have brands like Realme and Poco. The urge of doing the same thing has increased multi-folds than the previous. If we consider all the price ranges for the mobiles, then the most confusing ones are the budget smartphone price range. At this price, there are multiple options to choose from. But, in that segment also, there are android devices from Realme and Poco which makes the battle of Real Me 6 Pro Vs Poco X2 even more interesting.

Both these devices have the price almost the same, where Realme 6 pro is slightly more expensive. Here, in this piece of writing, we are going to share all the bits that would help you to make your decision in Real Me 6 Pro Vs Poco X2.

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Let’s Start With The Battle Real Me 6 Pro Vs Poco X2

Based On The Summary Of Both Phones

Based on the overall aspects of these smartphones, both the phones have a processor of Snapdragon 700 series. But in the case of Poco X2, the processor is slightly better in the performance department. It has Snapdragon 730G as compared to the Snapdragon 720G of Realme 6 Pro.

Real Me 6 Pro Vs Poco X2

We all like clicking pictures with our smartphones. So if we try to match the cameras in Real Me 6 Pro Vs Poco X2, then the camera samples of these devices are almost similar. Both of these devices have identical four rear camera setup in the backside.  But in real-world usage, all the buyers of these devices have expressed their positive experiences.

Based On The Physical Aspects Of Both Of These Devices

Both of these phones have full high definition displays on them. Therefore, the media consumption experience in both cases has been top class. There is nothing more in the display department to separate among these smart devices. The screen size of these mobile phones is around 6.6 inches. All the essential sensors are also present in the phones.

But in the case of Realme 6 Pro, the compass sensor is not present. This is a downside in Real Me 6 Pro Vs Poco X2 if there are people who are using their phones on their cars and bikes to use for navigation. The fingerprint sensor of these phones is on the side of the device.

Based On The Unique Features Of These Phones

These phones run on the Android ecosystem. Both of these phones are available with Android 10, which is the latest version for the Android Operating System. Dual sim functionality is present in both of these devices. But, there is a hybrid sim slot for the Poco X2. In the case of Realme 6 Pro, it has dedicated sim slots and memory card slots. Therefore, here in Real Me 6 Pro Vs Poco X2, the former device is ahead in the race.

Real Me 6 Pro Vs Poco X2

The Poco X2 weighs around 208 grams, and Realme 6 Pro weighs about 202 grams. So, if we are carrying both these phones in our hand, that is not a problem for an average person. Both of these phones deliver excellent in-hand experience.

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In the end, after sorting out all these features on one side, if you are on a tight budget, then you should try Poco X2. But if you are looking for good storage options, then you should buy the Realme 6 Pro.

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