PUBG Mobile – Your device is not supported error fix!

Your device is not supported error PUBG

PUBG Mobile which is the handheld version of the PC game PlayerUnknown’s Battleground has turned into an online phenomenon. Presently the game has over 50 million daily active players worldwide and Gen Z and Gen Y have grown addicted to it. Several players have already been playing this game for a while now and in India, this game has grown into numbers. With newer maps and other features added, the makers of PUBG have got immense response from India.

It is very simple to download and install PUBG Mobile which requires you to just go to the play store or apple app store and search for the game and download it. But many of our readers have emailed us that they have tried really hard to play PUBG on their mobiles but have received an error message like – “Your device is not supported at the moment, but it will be included in a later time. Thanks for understanding”.

Your device is not supported error PUBG

It actually tells you that your device is not ideal for playing this game but there are several other players who have been enjoying this game on their device but just after the recent update started to get this weird message. This has shifted several players to choose an emulator for PUBG Mobile on PC but that’s not the ideal solution. So brace yourselves as we present to you the best solution for this PUBG mobile error.

Your device is not supported PUBG Mobile Fixed!

We are going to break it down into simple steps for you to catch on

  • As the first basic step, you definitely have to download the latest updated version of PUBG mobile from official sources. If you are one of them who have already been playing PUBG on their mobiles then you can get it directly from Google Playstore or Apple App Store. But if you are one of those who can’t download it from these platforms then you can get the .apk file online.
  • For those who are downloading it from the official platform stores, the game should get installed automatically and for those who are downloading it from other sources, you will just have to install it manually by double-tapping on the .apk file and the install button when prompted. Do make sure to go to settings and checking the option for trusting apps from unknown sources before installing.
  • Now when you launch the app you will be getting the message – “Your device is not supported at the moment, but it will be included at a later time. Thank you for your understanding”. Leave it and close the app.
  • You will need two additional apps now, one is Virtual Xposed and the second one is the Device Faker app. Download and install them.
  • After that launch, the Virtual Xposed app and go to settings by swiping up from the app dashboard. Now click on the “add an app” option and select PUBG mobile app and Device faker app from the app list. Then press the install button and just wait for a few minutes for process completion.
  • Now again go to the settings of the Virtual Xposed app and click on the Manage Xposed Module option. Then check Device Faker .apk option and click on it. It will open the dashboard of the device faker application.
  • When you open the device faker application, you will get to see the current device information and below that, you will find several options. Then click on the first option “select a device”, from there choose a latest and compatible device and then click on apply settings.
  • You are now almost ready, just go to settings and click on the reboot option to restart the Virtual Xposed app and after that launch the PUBG mobile game from Virtual Xposed dashboard and you are ready to go. Enjoy the battlefield.

So this is how in simple easy steps you can fix this PUBG Mobile error. We hope that you will now be easily able to enjoy this game on your devices despite being a former PUBG player or a new player. But if you still face the same error and get this frustrating error message then feel free to leave your comments with us. Get the latest from PUBG Mobile and explore more tips at

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