PUBG Mobile Latest Update For Android And iOS – Update 0.7.0

pubg mobile latest update

PUBG Mobile Latest Update for Android and iOS: Most of you there must have played PUBG once or might be a regular player. That’s why you guys are keen to know about the latest update for this amazing game. Few days back PUBG went under maintenance and once it came back it has a new update for the PUBG players.

This new update brought so many new things like armoury, war mode, scopes, user interface changes and many more are there down the list. We will be discussing all of those in detail later in this article. On 23rd July 2018 PUBG went under maintenance in mid night and users are not allowed to play the game. So this brought some excitements in users what are the PUBG mobile latest update for Android and iOS.

We would like to brief you about the PUBG on mobile. Yeah, we know you are the regular player of this game but still we would like to take you through the game features and other stuff.

pubg mobile latest update

Basically PUBG belongs to action genre. It has three different game plays like Single, Duo and Squad. In starting players are provided with a parachute and they have to land on an 8×8 Km island. There players have to locate and scavenge weapons, vehicles, clothes, protecting guards and supplies. Players also have to be inside play zone which will be shrinking after a particular time interval. For winning this battle ground play has to kill all other players except their team members.

PUBG offers high quality graphics and HD audio quality. You can communicate with your team members while playing and believe me sound quality is damn good. Developers of PUBG gave it a realistic gameplay effects and a massive HD map for a Battle Royale.

You can’t miss the weapons of PUBG while discussing about the game. Seriously, there are lots of arsenals available as per your requirement. If you want to shoot from long sniper is there for you, in case you like to hit hard from small distance choose shotgun. You want to take down your enemy while running or hit with an extensive speed then machine gun suits you better.

One of the most amazing things about this gaming environment, it’s completely fair and has anti-cheat mechanisms which ensures a fun and fair environment for all PUBG Mobile players.


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PUBG Mobile Latest Update for Android and iOS

  • War Mode

In war mode players are allowed to play in small area on map for fixed interval of time. They have already provided with weapons and armour. A player has to start shooting as soon as they are landing on the play area. You can play in teams or solo and if you playing in team, team which is having highest point in given interval of time will win. Unlimited respawns are available means once player has been shot dead he will be again dropped down from plane. This is a great feature with the PUBG mobile latest update.

  • Scope

New scope sizes are added in the list along with 2X, 4X and 8X. Now you can use 3X and 6X also as per requirement. But here comes a sad news that is you will not be able to use 8X scope with automatic rifles like AKM, M416, SCAR-L or S12K. There is also a good news that is guns like Groza, M249, DP-28 or UMP9 which were compatible with 4X so far are not compatible with 6X scope also.

  • Rifles and Supports

pubg mobile latest update

Yoy will get new SLR rifle which is more powerful than SKS but has more recoil. SLR rifle supports 7.62mm bullets and can load up to 10 bullets at a time and 20 bullets with the help of extender. M416 got new tack support along with this new foregrips like light, half and thumb grips are also intoduced. These grips help in reducing the recoil and improve aiming while shooting with the PUBG mobile latest update.

  • User Interface Changes

Now new UI will allow player to enter different modes quicker.  Also bulk crate purchases and batch dismantling of extra items in inventory. If you bored with the old character faces then in this update you will be getting new ones. Updates chat system is also there to communicate in a team channel.

All these are changes related to PUBG Mobile latest update 0.7.0. If you know anything new regarding update 0.7.0 kindly share with us and help our visitors and PUBG players. Read more about the PUBG mobile latest update with this article or other tips at

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