PUBG Best Loot Locations for Erangel Map

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PUBG Best Loot Locations for Erangel Map: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG is one the most trending games of this era. With excellent graphics and continuous updates, this game has won the hearts of billions. The fact that PUBG is the best selling XBox One video game provides enough evidence that PUBG is on fire.

I am also one of the addictive users of this game. No matter how much busy or tired I am, one PUBG game is a must for me. If you are going to just start this game, you are surely going to love it. Also, this game is available for multiple platforms including Android, iOS, XBox and few more. You can also play PUBG on MAC and Windows using various emulators.

Well, what is the most important thing in PUBG? They are weapons to kill your enemy, health kits and bandages to heal wounds, chest guards and helmets to protect yourself and bag to keep all these stuffs. How are you going to fight without weapons? Obviously, you can’t. Also, it is very important to get these things quickly so that you are ready to battle. The more time you take to find weapons, the less chances you have to survive for longer time.

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For this reason, we have come up with PUBG Best Loot Locations guide. This will help you decide where to land to have best weapons and accessories quickly. In this guide, we have also mentioned the quality and quantity of loot you will get in each location. We have also mentioned the potential risk involved at each location. So, make sure you read this article in detail and make yourself ready to battle and have Chicken Dinner. In this guide, we will be only covering the Erangel map. We will cover the other maps in upcoming articles. So, let us get started now.


pubg best loot locations

Erangel is the first map of PUBG and it is one of my favourites. It has a number of building where you can get loot and you can also use them to hide. Now, let us explore each location one by one.


pubg best loot locations

Military Base is the best location for loot. Here, you will get everything you need to battle against the enemies. However, in PUBG, with great loot comes greater risk factor. Military Base is a location in PUBG where the number of people will be more and as a result of which the risk factor is very high. As the name suggests, here you will get military level loot. This includes rifles, snipers, level 3 helmets and body armours, scopes, attachments, medical kits and what not.

In short, here you will get Very High Quality and Very High Quantity loot with Very High Risk factor. Let us explore other alternate location.


pubg best loot locations

We have put School on rank 2 of PUBG Best Loot Locations for Erangel map. School is an area consisting of 3-4 buildings. It is very near to the famous Pochinki location. All the buildings have more that 2-3 floors each and thus the amount of loot is very high. On each floor, there are a number of rooms. The presence of so many floors having so many rooms increases the chances of getting high quantity loot.

This, in School, you will get High Quality loot in excess quantity with High Risk factor. School is one of my personal favourite location. This is because I get enough loot here with less risk factor as compared to Military Base. Also, I get a vehicle nearby most of the times. This makes my journey fairly easier.


pubg best loot locations

Pochinki is one of the locations where most users land. This location is blessed with lots and lots of houses. It is a very large area and here you will get loot in excessive quantity. Just hop from one house to other and collect the weapons and gears as soon as possible. Once you have enough loot, you can sit at some house and hunt enemies. The risk factor is fairly high in Pochinki, as almost everyone knows.

For this reason, we have put Pochinki on 3rd rank for PUBG Best loot locations for Erangel map. Pochinki will give you High Quality loot and the quantity is going to be Very High. The risk factor is Very High in Pochinki as this is the favourite location for many users.


pubg best loot locations

Mylta Power is a sea facing area located on the east of the Erangel map. If your flight is going from East to West or vice versa, this is one of the best locations where you can go. The loot here is often of Military Grade but the quantity may not be very high. If you are playing alone, then you can undoubtedly land here. However, if you are playing in a team of 4, this may not be sufficient for all your team members.

So, Mylta Power has been placed on 4th position for PUBG Best loot locations for Erangel map. Here you will get High Quality and High Quantity loot with Moderate Risk factor. 


pubg best loot locations

Georgopol is an area positioned on Western Coast of Erangel map. This area is very near to the Hospital which is also a great place for getting loot. You will get so many building here that the quantity of loot will be very high. However, since this is located on an edge, chances of it having inside a play zone are very low.

In short, here you will get High Quality, Very High Quantity loot with High Risk Factor. 

If you are looking for less risky locations, you can also get into the following locations for High Quantity loot with moderate Risk Factors:

  • Novorepnoye
  • Quarry
  • Mansion
  • Prison
  • Ferry Pier


Below you can view a quick summary in tabular form for the PUBG Best Locations (Erangel Map).

[table id=1 /]

This is all we have for now. Hope you liked this article on PUBG Best Loot Locations for Erangel Map. Please share this article with your friends and PUBG teammates. Enjoy and keep playing PUBG. Read more about this with another article or view more PUBG best loot locations tips with

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