Google Play Store Error DF-DFERH-01: Error while retrieving information from Server

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Fix Google Play Store Error Code DF-DFERH-01: When it comes to mobile phones operating systems, then Android is the one that often steals the spotlight. Since a huge number of smartphones comes with Android as their operating system, users usually have a lot of options to go for. Be it the budget smartphones like Redmi Note 5 and Moto G Series phones, or be it premium flagship phones like Samsung S9 or Google Pixel series phones, you will get everything in Android. I am personally a very big fan of Android as it gives me a lot of flexibility in terms of Applications or usage.

Android not only provides flexibility and variety but it also provides a smooth experience to the end users. As an Android user, I hardly face any glitches (Except a few) while doing anything on my smartphone. The only issue that I have faced is while downloading or updating few big applications from the Google Play Store. Recently I was trying to install an update for PUBG Mobile. The update started to download but after few minutes, it failed with the following error code:

Error retrieving information from server [DF-DFERH-01]

I was fortunate in a way that I had encountered this error code earlier as well when I was trying to download and install Asphalt 8 on my smartphone. So, I knew the drill and quickly solved Google Play Store Error Code DF-DFERH-01. Since a lot of users have started playing PUBG these days, I thought of writing an article to provide methods to fix Google Play Store Error Code DF-DFERH-01: Error retrieving information from server.

Before moving on the actual methods to fix Google Play Store Error Code DF-DFERH-01, it is worth restarting your Android device to check if it fixes the issue. If restarting the device doesn’t help, then simply follow the methods that we have shared below to fix Google Play Store Error Code DF-DFERH-01.

How to Fix Google Play Store Error Code DF-DFERH-01

In this section, you will get all you need to get rid of this annoying Android error code DF-DFERH-01. Please make sure you are following the steps mentioned in this article very carefully. This will ensure quick results for you. Now, let us get started.

Method 1: Clear Google Play Store Cache and Date

You may be aware of the fact that Clearing out Google Play Store Cache and Data is one of the most common methods to fix any issues related to play store. This method is also capable to get rid of Google Play Store Error Code 910. Since this method is very common, we have prepared an extremely simple step by step guide to clear out Google Play Store cache and data. We have also provided screenshots for each and every step so that you guys don’t stuck at any point. So, please follow the guide by clicking on the link below to clear Google Play Store Cache and Data. This will resolve Google Play Store Error Code DF-DFERH-01.

How to Clear Google Play Store Cache and Data

This method usually fixes the issue in hand. So, follow the steps carefully and you should be good to go. However, if you are still stuck even after implementing this method, you should try implementing the next method and Android error DF-DFERH-01 will vanish in seconds.

Method 2: Reset App Preferences

If clearing Google Play Store Cache and Data didn’t work, then you should not worry at all. This method should fix Google Play Store Error DF-DFERH-01 for you. This is one of the best methods that have worked for majority of users. Just follow these simple steps to reset app preferences on your Android device.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Scroll down to search for System and tap on it.
Play Store Error Code DF-DFERH-01
  • Now, tap on Advanced.
Play Store Error Code DF-DFERH-01
  • Here, tap on Reset options.
Play Store Error Code DF-DFERH-01
  • Now, tap on Reset app preferences option.
Play Store Error Code DF-DFERH-01

Once you implement these methods, try to check if the error DF-DFERH-01 is resolved.

Method 3: ReLink your Google Account

Re-Linking your Google account can also help you in fixing Google Play Store Error Code DF-DFERH-01. So, follow the steps given below to get rid of this error code once and for all.

  • Go to Settings. 
  • Tap on Accounts option and then select your Google Account. 
Google Play Store Error Code DF-DFERH-01
  • Tap on Remove account option.
  • Now go back to Account options and scroll down to the bottom.
  • Here, you will see an option to Add account. Tap on this and re-add the Google account.
Google Play Store Error Code DF-DFERH-01
  • Once you are done with this, try to update/download the app that was causing the issue. You should be able to get it working this time.

So, these were the few easy yet efficient methods to fix Google Play Store Error Code DF-DFERH-01. Hope you liked this article and you were able to achieve what you were looking for. You can always reach out to us through comments in case of any concerns or queries.

12 thoughts on “Google Play Store Error DF-DFERH-01: Error while retrieving information from Server”

  1. 1) Both methods do not work for me
    2) There’s probably a typo in the last word in “Method 1: Clear Google Play Store Cache and Date”

      1. Sadly, after some time the option to leave a review completely disappeared from my Play market. I do can use the web version to add reviews though (AFAIR, in 2019 or 2018, there was a short period when even web version was not allowing me to add a review). I suspect that google just banned my device for being manufactured for the Chinese market, for too old Play market version, for the device being rooted or for a combination of that.

  2. I removed my account but now I can’t re-add it back? Gives me error can’t connect to Google server. What now?

    1. Akhil Prajapati

      Hi mel,
      Please turn off the 2 Step Verification and then try to re-add your account. It should work then.

  3. Sir all these methods never worked for me. The actual thing which helped me to Eliminate the DF-DFERH-01 issue of play store was when I clicked Reset App Preferences (settings>apps>⋮>reset app Preferences. And It worked! Actually the issue of DF-DFERH-01 doesn’t start when updating play store app(s), it starts when you mistakenly force stopped some app.

  4. I’ve been to many sites an done what they said to do with no luck till I came upon yours! Thank you so much for the info an taking your time to give out this info for everyone to access! I’m not sure if you or anyone out there knows how to get rid of malware that is either sent through a email, picture, text. I believe I have it due to my phone being super slow, ads, also changes in my settings. Please help! Again, Thank you!!

  5. novice here, so I need step by step instructions on how to remove this error code on my tablet please, not a telephone..,..Google isn’t taking any help calls right now……=( HELP!!

    1. Hey V, I think we have provided a complete guide here. Please try above steps and let us know if you face any issue.

  6. I have this error on my Chromebook so I could only do methods 1 and 3. Is there a way to fix this error on Chromebooks instead of an Android phone?

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