OnePlus 6 Common Problems – Fixes and Details

oneplus 6 common problems

OnePlus 6 common problems – You might have heard of this amazing smartphone launched couple of weeks back. It is one of the much awaited smartphones of 2018. OnePlus is a company who made their market with amazing series of phones and they used to launch one phone every year. It is quite shocking that almost every phone of their series is loved by users. Nowadays OnePlus 6 is on top of the list of smartphone buyers. But as you know nothing is perfect in this world so we have heard some common issues of OnePlus 6. Below in this article we have discussed OnePlus 6 common problems and there solutions.

It’s two three months that phone has been launched and it got lot of users. Apart from these small issues people loved this phone. It got amazing polished mirror finished body, super fast performance, useful software customizations, camera quality and so many other features. One thing which I felt about these high end smartphones are not coming with earphones. Do you felt the same and searching for earphone? If yes, then OnePlus launched OnePlus wireless bullet earphone are very reasonable price. If you want to investigate more about this earphone go through OnePlus Bullets Wireless Earphones – Review.

Almost all OnePlus 6 issues you can fix at home only without visiting retail stores. According to us it’s a worthy replacement if you already have OnePlus 5/5T you can go for OnePlus 6. We’ll take you through all these OnePlus 6 common problems and there fixes.

We read some OnePlus 6 common problems in OnePlus forum. These issues are like GPS issues, WiFi drop, charging issue, camera complaints, battery life issues, overheating problem and notification delayed complaints. Don’t be scared of these issues. Actually phone is quite new, company will provide update in sometime and they will cover most of these issues. In fact company already released one update on 9th June 2018 and some of these issues are covered.

OnePlus 6 Common Problems – Fixes

Battery Drain and Overheating Issue on OnePlus 6

OnePlus 6 is having 3300mAh battery installed. But people are complaining about the battery issues. First of all we should correct you here is your battery mAh is more doesn’t mean it will last long. Battery utilization is completely based on the optimization of phone.

This problem is quite common with new phones because in initial days you will install apps and setting up your device. You don’t have any idea how much battery you are consuming. So you can check for 1-2 weeks if this problem persists or not. If yes then it’s time to take action against it.

First of all check whether some particular app is consuming more battery. Go to Settings > Battery here you will get list of app and battery percentage how much they are consuming. If you see for one app it is particularly high please consider uninstalling that app.

oneplus 6 common problems

Some common tips are like you can reduce display brightness and screen timeouts. Go to Settings > Display > Sleep.

One thing which I noticed is if you at place where signal is low consider turning off mobile data. It will really drain your battery very fast.

Fix for OnePlus 6 Battery and Overheating Issue

First of all check for updates because company used to give time to time updates to handle such issues. Settings > About Phone > Check for Update and make sure you have latest version.

oneplus 6 common problems

We felt that clearing data and cache is a good choice. So power off your device first. While starting it again, press power key and volume down key simultaneously. It will boot in recovery mode, here your touch screen will not work you can use volume buttons and power to navigate. Firstly Select Language > then chose Wipe Data and Cache > Wipe Cache > Yes > Reboot. (Use volume key for navigating up-down and power key to select).

Notification Delay in OnePlus 6

We went through OnePlus 6 forum and came to know that users are complaining about delayed notifications. This same issue was there in previous phones also. But actually we can’t blame phone for notification delay issue. This issue can be fixed by changing your phone settings.

oneplus 6 common problems

Fix Notification Delay in OnePlus 6

First thing due to which we can get delayed notification is battery optimization. Most of the users used to optimize battery in there device to avoid unwanted battery draining. Due to which your phone will block some notifications just to save battery. To avoid this go to Settings > Battery > Battery Optimization then tap on App for which you are not getting notifications on time. Now select don’t optimize by toggle off Advanced Optimization by using three vertical dots.

oneplus 6 common problems

You also need to off alert slider and disable gaming mode. Go to Settings > Alert Slider to make alerts off and Settings > Advanced > Gaming mode and toggle block notification.

WiFi Drop Issue in OnePlus 6

OnePlus 6 users are complaining about WiFi issues. Users said their WiFi connection is dropping time to time. In OnePlus 5T also this issue was there but later company fixed this issue. There are some common solutions which can fix this OnePlus 6 WiFi issue.

Fix WiFi Drop Issue on OnePlus 6

First of all go to Settings > About Phone > and check for updates. If any new update is there kindly install. Company used to provide these updates to fix such issues.

You can also restart your device because this is the most common fix for most of the issues related to devices.

Switch off your WiFi for few minutes and then try to reconnect. You can also, go to Settings > WiFi and forget your WiFi Network. Then search again and try to reconnect by giving password. By this way your device completely restarts connection between your phone and WiFi.

Hopefully these tricks help you in fixing your WiFi issue on OnePlus 6.

Inrecent time we came to know that users are facing these common issues. If you are facing any issues other than this kindly let us know we will try to answer them as soon as possible.

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