One Plus 6T Reviews and Features

One Plus 6T Reviews

One Plus is one of the most renowned smartphone manufacturing companies. Its smartphones have gained huge acceptance in the market. The impressive features and advanced technology-based operating systems make One Plus smartphones reputable. One Plus 6T is one of the finest models the company has launched.

It is needless to say, the One Plus 6t is undeniably the most advanced phone from the company till now. The one plus 6t comes in two colours- Midnight black and mirror black. 

One Plus 6T

One Plus 6T Key Features

We have listed all the key features of this awesome smartphone below. I am sure you are going to love it.


The display of One Plus 6T phone is 6.41- inch ALMOD panel having 19:6:9 ratio. The appearance of this phone is eye-appealing and looks very classic in your hand. The body ratio of this phone is 85%, and it doesn’t look large when you hold it. The upgraded version of this phone is the 7t and 7 pro which come with a large display, and their appearance is also more beautiful than the 6t. But, if you need one plus phone at an affordable rate, then One Plus 6t is an ideal option for you. This phone comes with full HD (2340X 1080 p) display with 402 PPI pixel density. 

Battery Life

One Plus 6t battery is durable. It runs up to 6.5 to 8 hours on average screen time. It comes with a 3,7000 mAh battery that runs longer. The battery life definitely lasts a long time when you charge your phone up to 95%. If you have battery anxiety, then this phone can cure it. 

In-display fingerprint

One Plus 6T Reviews

Since every smartphone in the market has come with an in-built fingerprint. But, some of them are unable to recognize your fingerprint on time due to a lack of functional power. But, One Plus 6t has a fingerprint sensor on the front side, which enhances the tech beauty of this phone. 

Impressive all-screen experience

If you don’t like a controversial design element, then One Plus 6t is an ideal option for you. The display design pattern of this phone is similar to the iPhone X notch, and the waterdrop notch on the 6T is remarkable. 

Dependable software update

One Plus is rolling out with Android oxygen OS update. This phone is doing a great job in the market due to its latest updated software that enhances the functional power of this phone and make it users first choice. 

Great value for money

When it comes to price, you will get all advanced and impressive features in the phone at an affordable price. Even you will get the phone at a discounted price during the sale. Since this device is carried T- Mobile, you can expect a huge discount while purchasing this phone. 

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In Conclusion

We hope this comprehensive guide on One Plus 6t helps you in making a decision, whether you should opt for this phone or not. When it comes to battery durability, high-resolution camera, and impressive layout, then One Plus 6t comes in the first position. Because you will get a brand phone with advanced impressive features at a very cost-effective rate. 

One Plus 6 Common Issues and Solutions

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