Fix Device Is Not Certified By Google On Play Store – Free How To For 2020

device is not certified on google

How to fix device is not certified by Google on Play Store – As we know almost all Android user uses Google Play Store to download apps or games. Seriously, Google Play Store is an amazing store for downloading and installing apps, games, books and many more things.

But users are complaining that they are getting one common error that is “Device is Not Certified by Google”.

This error is coming because Google made the news that they are starting a process to block certain device from using the Play Store. Basically this error “Device is not certified by Google” is arising on an unsupported devices. So, these unsupported devices will be unable to install or download any apps from Play Store.

not certified by google

How To Check Device is Certified or Not?

Before starting we would like you to check whether your device is certified by Google or not. To check follow the steps below:

  • First of all open Google Play Store on your Android
  • Then go to Sidebar Menu > Settings
  • Now scroll down to the bottom “About” Section. There under “Device Certification” you can see whether your device is certified by Google or Not.

If you find that your device is not certified by Google and your options are limited. Doesn’t Worry Company have a webpage that allows users to grant their phones access to the Google Play Store.

We would to tell this isn’t a guaranteed fix but it’s worth a try. If it works for you then you don’t need to anything else your device will be running at its maximum potential.

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How To Fix Device is Not Certified by Google on Play Store

  • To fix this you need your device’s GSF Device-ID. This can be done by an app “Device ID” but since you can’t access the Play Store due to error Device is not certified by Google you can download the app from APK file. Download Device-ID APK File Here.
  • Once app is downloaded copy the code present under “Google Service Framework (GSF)”
  • Here you have to convert your device ID. Since the copied ID is in Hexadecimal so kindly convert it to decimal format.
  • This conversion can be done online there are lot of Hexadecimal to Decimal converters are available.
  • Now go to Google’s website for device registration
  • Enter the GSF Device ID into the Android box listed on the website
  • Tap on “Register” button and your Device ID should appear on the page.

Note: Don’t forget to check Trust Unknown Sources before installing this app

If your device is registered successfully then “Device is not certified on Google” error should not come.

But to be honest we would like to say if your device is not registering you have to wait until Google updates the page to support your device.

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