Netflix Not Working On Apple TV – Fixed

netflix not working on apple tv

Netflix not working on Apple TV: We all know about Netflix, it is one of the best media service providers. Previously people used to watch TV Shows and Movies on their smartphones but now world has changed and you can enjoy it on big screens as well. Seriously, it is an amazing experience to watch things on bigger screen, not just 4 or 5 inches off smartphones.

And the best part is Netflix is officially available on Apple TV means there is no need of third party apps. Though it is not officially available across all platforms you can install it via third party apps. In case you own Apple TV 2 or above then things are much easier for you. Go to Apple Store and directly download and install Netflix from there.

But this guide is not related to how to install Netflix on Apple TV. Instead it is for those people who already installed the App on their TV but it is not working for them. We came across many forums where users are complaining that Netflix not working on Apple TV. This issue, Netflix won’t load on Apple TV isn’t a new problem and believe us are not the only victim. So before you go to Netflix support we would like to suggest some troubleshooting methods to fix the issue.

netflix not working on apple tv

Netflix Not Working On Apple TV – Fixed

There are some common methods which usually fix Netflix not working on Apple TV. Kindly follow them one by one because they are not in any particular order. We are quite sure then at least one of the methods will work for you.

Check Your Internet Connection

Most of you don’t want to blame your internet connection but this is the most common culprit behind Netflix not loading on Apple TV. Though you have fast internet connection, but sometimes connectivity issues may be there. In case your internet speed is slow or it is limited connectivity Netflix will some load sometimes. To check connectivity on your Apple TV, Go to Apple Home Screen >> Settings >> Network. Under connection you can find out whether it is connected or not. Suppose you are not connected you can contact Apple support for help.

Plug – Unplug Your Apple TV

Believe us this is the simplest yet effective and can solve Netflix not working on Apple TV. To follow these step simply unplug your Apple TV and TV for at least 2 minutes. Then plug both the devices and switch on the TV. Now try running the Netflix and check problem is still or not.

Re-Install Netflix on Apple TV

Try uninstalling and installing the app again it will fix the Netflix not working on Apple TV issue most of the time. To Re-Install Netflix App follow the steps given below:

  • From home screen go to the App
  • Press and hold in middle of touchpad and Netflix icon will start shaking
  • Press Play/Pause button to delete the app from your Apple TV
  • Select delete to confirm your decision and app will be completely removed from your Apple TV
  • Now visit the App Store and re-install Netflix app and try launching it again

Update Your Apple TV

There might be outdated firmware which is causing the issue. So, try to update your Apple TV to the latest version available.

  • Go to Settings >> System >> Software Update >> Update Software
  • Click on Download and Install, if any new version of firmware is available
  • Once update and installation is done try launching the Netflix App

Hopefully this article How to Fix Netflix Not Working on Apple TV helped you in fixing the issue. If you have any difficulty in above mentioned steps kindly reach us via comments or contact us. In case you have any other errors or issues do let us know, we’ll help you in troubleshooting them. Take a peak at Netflix or read more at

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