MSI GL63 9SD-1041IN Review – An affordable option for gamers

MSI GL63 9SD-1041IN Review: In the last few years, gaming laptops have been in huge demand among gamers. Various brands have been introducing their entry into the gaming laptops department and currently, the competition is high. But while going to buy a gaming laptop, a big issue which has been bothering the gamers is the price range. Luckily for them the hugely reputed brand MSI has come up with an affordable option which is the MSI GL63 9SD-1041IN and today we are going to review it up for you.

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So, this gaming model comprises of all the latest hardware and is interestingly priced at under Rs.60, 000. It is targeted to attract gamers who are looking to get a solid gaming performance in a laptop. So, let’s begin our breakdown of this latest gaming laptop.

msi gl63

Design – More mainstream than aesthetic

MSI GL63 has shifted its focus on opting for a more mainstream design rather than an aesthetic one. Also, the sober and plain design boasts the matte black metal with two diagonal claw-mark creases framing the MSI certified logo along with red LED strips. The red theme color has been spread into the border running around the front and sides of the machine. The hinge is stiff and the lid feels tough to open and the borders around the screen are thick. The webcam is perfectly embedded above the screen.

The keyboard of MSI GL63 disappointed us. The keyboard has a red backlight and you will have the option of choosing brightness levels or turn it off entirely. MSI did a great job by putting away the Windows key from the left to put off accidental presses while gaming. The keys give a mushy feel and it requires more effort for typing long passages. The trackpad has two physical buttons but it is not easy to press as they are a little depressed into the chassis. Gamers may like the rough look provided by the chunky vents, exposed heatsinks on the left and right and the large air intake grilles at the bottom.

For connectivity, the MSI GL63 9SD-1041IN has a Kensington lock slot, Ethernet port, full-sized HDMI port, Mini-DisplayPort, USB 3.1 Gen2 (10Gbps) Type-A and Type-C ports, and individual 3.5mm headphones and mic sockets. On the opposite side lies the charger inlet, two USB 3.1 Gen1 (5Gbps) ports, and a full-sized SD card slot. This laptop weighs at 2.3kg which may not be completely satisfied but is quite manageable. Overall the build quality is solid and remarkable with small places to complain.

Specification – What punches does it have inside?S

MSI GL63 9SD-1041IN features Intel Core i5 9th Gen 9300H quad-core Hyper-Threaded processor model having base and boost speeds of 2.4GHz and 4.1GHz respectively. Also, there is 8GB DDR4 RAM and Intel UHD Graphics 630 GPU. And, the additional GPU is the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti GPU with 6GB of dedicated VRAM which is a cost-effective and updated choice for performance.  Surprisingly GL63 comes with a 512GB SSD which s relatively fast enough. For the screen segment, you are getting a 15.6-inch full-HD 1920×1080-pixel LCD panel with a 120Hz refresh rate with a non-reflective finish. MSI gives you the chance to customize the fan profiles and manage some other system settings like battery health, in-game VoIP, etc.

The performance which speaks –

For everyday tasks, MSI GL63 laptop offers great performance as it should. You will soon get used to the mushy keyboard and its appeal gets broadened due to numeric keypads. The fans are a little on the noisier side which can be reduced by from the settings. The screen runs at 120Hz and surprisingly there is no 60Hz option which makes it feel snappier while performing mundane tasks. The screen is balanced and provides a good display that is not overly sharp and has nice color management even at low brightness. The same can be said with the sound which despite being loud enough is perfectly balanced.

We did an MSI GL63 9SD-1041IN file compression test to give you a more focused review of this MSI Gaming Laptop. It took 4 minutes to compress a file 3.24GB folder and 1 minute 20 seconds for transcoding a 1.3GB AVIL file to H.265. Battery life is awful and not even close to other gaming laptops. A gamer will get around 1 hour 18 minutes of battery life while a non-gaming use will extend it to 4 hours only out of a single charge.

Gaming Test –

We tested MSI GL63 with Shadow of the Tomb Raider for which we chose 1920×1080 as our resolution with TAA on, the High preset, and 120Hz refresh rate. We got 56fps for that on average. For Far Cry 5 and Metro: Last Light Redux we received 61fps and 37.03fps on average respectively. We experienced some heating issues in the center of the keyboard and on some keys. The fans also became loud enough which hampers the in-game sound.

Verdict – Is it the right choice?

So, MSI GL63 has tried hard enough to include a good mix of mid-range components while keeping the price affordable. There are several variants of the GL63 laptop available in India currently but we think that the configuration with which we did our tests is pretty decent. So, the only alarming thing is the relatively low battery life. So, you can get this MSI Laptops in India for even less than Rs.90,000 as a starting range. If you don’t mind the battery life and not looking to use it for other purposes other than mainstream gaming then you can try your hand on this one.

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