Mivi Thunder Beats Vs Tagg Inferno – Budget Bluetooth Earphones

Mivi Thunder Beats Vs Tagg Inferno – As we know these days wireless earphones are popular among youngsters. Wireless Bluetooth earphones are multipurpose earphones which can be used while running, gym or in normal life also. Another main reason for popularity of earphones is, nowadays companies are not giving earphone with high end devices. So people have to buy some good quality earphone who can compliment there smartphones. Believe me both of the wireless Bluetooth earphones are just made to simply this problem.

Mivi Thunder Beats Vs Tagg Inferno both lie in same category and same price. Both got lot of users and it is a main topic of discussion among them which one is better. So we thought we will take this topic and give our review which may be a help for new buyers. Mivi and Tagg both are established companies and launching really good products. One of the most amazing thing is both Tagg Inferno and Mivi Thunder Beats are Amazon choice products.

Mivi Thunder Beats Vs Tagg Inferno – Wireless Bluetooth Earphone

mivi thunder beats vs tagg inferno

Both the earphones are giving fair competition to other big brands and popular earphones. If you are searching for one of the budget Bluetooth wireless earphones then you can go for any one based on our review.

mivi thunder beats vs tagg inferno

Design and Look

Inferno is made of plastic with a soft texture which feels good when you touch it. One single thin wire is there to connect both the ends. Inferno is having round hook around it to provide better grip and it seems they have done a good job. It is IPX4 certified water resistant means you can easily use it in rain or while running.

mivi thunder beats vs tagg inferno

Thunder beats comes in metallic and flat wire cable. You can easily hang this earphone around your neck as these are having magnets at their back. To provide grip while wearing them stylish rubber hook is there and it is giving a premium look to this earphone. These earphones are sweat proof not water resistant so it lacks here. But if you look other way around it is having better look and magnetic back for play and pause music.

Controls Comparison

Mivi is providing 3 buttons for controlling your music track. On flat wire you will find this 3 button inline remote. This allows you to take calls, adjust volume that i.e. up-down and you can also skip a track. All these features are present hands free with a press of button.

In Tagg they provided controls on top of right ear piece for controlling your music. Power button is also there which you can be used for play and pause. If you long press volume buttons they can act as trackback button also.

Battery Life

It is one of the most considerable things while choosing Bluetooth earphones. No one want to plug in there earphone to power boards instead of their ear. So we will suggest if you are going for any of these or not but kindly check the battery life and charging time of your earphones.

mivi thunder beats vs tagg inferno

Coming to Mivi Thunder Beats it will take around 2 hours to get charged fully. We saw most of the earphones are taking this time only but now question arises for how thing you can use after charging? Thunder Beats will last long for around 8 hours once it is fully charged. This is quite good battery back according to us. You expectations might differ but in this price range don’t expect too much.

Tagg Inferno is also same almost and offering 7 hours of music once it is charged fully. It will take 2 hours to get charge and you have to wait long if you wish to take that charge down. Apart from 7 hours of music time you will get 180 hours of standby time.

Both the earphones are chargeable by USB port of laptop. Also you can use your Android or wall charger to get it charged.


Tagg Inferno comes with Bluetooth 4.1 CSR technology and allows you a range of 20 feet. All you need to do for connecting is tap on power button on right ear bud and it will go in pairing mode. Once it goes in pairing mode you can easily connect it with any smartphone having Bluetooth functionality.

Mivi Thunder Beats is also coming with Bluetooth 4.1 which allows up to a 30 feet range of connection. Thunder Beats is designed to pair with 2 devices at once means pairing is possible with two devices but only one can use this device at a time. To pair it you have to tap on power button and it will switch to pairing mode. You are allowed to connect it with any device that is having Bluetooth.


In Mivi Thunder Beats vs Tagg Inferno comparision based on sound quality, Mivi Thunder Beats is having good bass and treble as compared to Tagg Inferno. Sound is clear in both I personally didn’t feel any difference in sound clarity. But in bass and treble Thunder Beats is a clear winner. Both Inferno and Thunder Beats are having noise cancellation so that you can enjoy music in traffic or in busy streets.


On comparing Mivi Thunder Beats Vs Tagg Inferno we feel Mivi Thunder Beats is having clear lead on Tagg Inferno in sound and battery life. If you are getting discount on Mivi Thunder Beats then definitely go for this without any second thought. If you want to consider one more wireless earphone then you can have a look on OnePlus Bullets Wireless Earphones.

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