iOS 11.4 Update Features : Free Tips 2020

ios 11.4 update features

iOS 11.4 Update Features : If you are still using iOS 11.3 on your iPhone or iPad you must be getting notifications for iOS 11.4 update. It is worth reading about the new features released in this update. It’s not been long that iOS 11.3 update was released but there were lot of bugs so Apple came up with new update and we think it is worth downloading it. Read more about the iOS 11.4 Update features below.

Before we will start with the iOS 11.4 update features we would love to tell you the list of devices which will be getting this update.

  • iPhone 5S or later
  • iPad Air and iPad Pro Models
  • iPad 5th Generation
  • iPad Mini 2 and later
  • iPod Touch 6th Generation

This time Apple brought 3 major features, AirPlay 2 Support, HomePod Stereo Feature and Messages in iCloud. Getting iOS 11.4 is not a difficult thing. Just launch Settings then General after this you have to click on Software Update and there you will get an option for Download and Install Now. There is also a small description about iOS 11.4 update features and support link were you will get more details about iOS 11.4 update features and other useful information.

ios 11.4 update features

iOS 11.4 Update Features: What’s New in the latest Apple iOS Update

AirPlay 2

According to us, improvements to AirPlay 2 are one of the best features you will get in iOS 11.4. Previous version of AirPlay provides us to connect music devices over WiFi which definitely improves the range and quality of music. AirPlay 2 will let users to play back music on more than one AirPlay 2 device around the house. This is some of the iOS 11.4 update features.

According to the Apple there are some more features coming for AirPlay 2. Now there will be big buffer for music so that you will not face network issues while playing your favourite songs but this will add more of a delay before playing songs. One of big achievement is that, now you can make calls or watch videos without interrupting play back music don’t you think this is something big!

Interface for AirPlay 2 is improved a lot and now you can also select where you want your music to play. There is a control centre which gives you access to groups as well as you can select different volume levels for different devices connect to AirPlay 2.

There is something which you will get in Google Cast but AirPlay 2 is lagging. With Google Cast you can ask your device like “I want to hear specific song from Spotify or playlist form Spotify”. In AirPlay you cannot play songs which are available offline means not on the internet but in your local storage. These are some drawbacks of AirPlay 2 but in whole it is a good feature.

Message in iCloud

Have you thought of syncing messages on your entire iOS device? Apple previously confirmed that they will be releasing this feature but this was missed in previous iOS 11 versions. Now finally in iOS 11.4 you can enjoy message in iCloud feature by updating your device to iOS 11.4.

What basically this feature will do is it will allow you to sync messages on your Mac, iPhone and iPad. So you can start your conversation on your iPhone and later while seating on couch or bean bag you can switch it to iPad and after that if you want to do some of your business work on your Mac there also you can continue the conversation.

ios 11.4 update features

Suppose you are enabling Messages on iCloud that means you are allowing your messages to be stored off device. By doing this you are getting lot of benefits, one of them is syncing your messages along all iOS device. But here comes a catch syncing messages means if you are deleting a message on one device it will be deleted from all the devices at the same time.

Here comes what you have to do to sync all your devices. You have to log in all the iOS devices with the same Apple ID. To enable this on iPhone you have to go to Settings and then Tap on your name on the top of settings after this select iCloud and then scroll bit down to the list of Apps using iCloud and just make sure that Messages is toggled on.

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HomePod : Home Stereo System

Now Apple has added HomePod stereo paring using iPhone or iPad. This HomePod will automatically senses its location and balance sound based on the speaker’s locations. One of the most amazing things is that iOS 11.4 update gives you ability to pair two HomePod in the same room and they can act like Stereo speakers.

Apart from these popular updates in iOS 11.4 we got some minor updates and fixes. We have listed them below you can have a look.

  • After getting lot of complains about data syncing in health they have fixed this 11.4 update.
  • Incorrect location on home screen issue is also tackled in this recent iOS 11.4 update.
  • While log ins on Google Drive, Docs and Gmail users were facing file issues which is also handled with this recent iOS update.

If you want to join the latest conversation about the iOS 11.4 update features please have a look on Apple Forum.

Here we listed some big and small iOS 11.4 update features. You have anything more than this please feel free to share with us and our readers

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