Evaluate and improve backlink peformance

improve backlink performance

In today’s business world, the most important factor in digital marketing is SEO optimization. SEO strategies have rapidly evolved in the last several years and are continuing to evolve every day. To keep up with the shifting tides of SEO, marketers and companies are shifting their focus and looking for new and exciting ways to increase brand awareness and improve their SEO capabilities, but this is often easier said than done. This article will go over how to evaluate and improve backlink performance.

The new innovation in today’s quest for SEO dominance is known as the “backlink” and is highly coveted in the world of business today. Having possession of quality backlinks, whether they belong to authoritative sites or web directories, is an incredibly important factor for improving SEO. Those involved in SEO and its complexities know firsthand the crucial nature of backlinks for a website’s performance.

Undertanding and defining backlinks

A “backlink” is an occurrence where one website mentions another website in some of its content and “links back” to it. Backlinks are also often known as incoming links and inbound links, but no matter what they’re called, they make their connection with other, external websites. Typically, backlinks are links from outside domains which then point back to pages on your own domain, increasing SEO and building awareness through other parts of the internet. 

When you set up a backlink or have another website link back to your own website, it’s as if a “vote” has been cast for your website. You want to maximize the number of votes your website receives, particularly from sites with authority, as the more votes your website receives, the greater affect the votes have on your website’s ranking and search performance via search engines like Google and Bing. You can search Google and Bing to evaluate and improve your backlink performance.

If your company owns a website and wishes to improve backlink performance and quality, you should follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines. These guidelines help your company make sure you’re attracting high quality links and are not falling pretty to a link scheme. One of the easiest ways to evaluate this is with SEMRush, a service that monitors your results.

Importance of backlinks

Backlinks are important for a number of reasons, not just to your company, but for search engines and end users as well. On the side of search engines, backlinks help determine how relevant your content is to users. The greater your backlink quality, the more authoritative and important your company looks in your industry and on different topics for which search engines are ranking you. In addition to this, backlinks also signal to search engines that external sites, sites which are not your own, are endorsing your content and using it to inform their own userbase. Understanding this will help improve backlink performance.

This is huge for your website in terms of SEO optimization and Google search result rankings. When multiple sites within a field all link back to the same webpage, searching tools analyze that linked-to site as one worth visiting, and which will clearly have relevant information for users of all types and interests. In the past, the quantity of backlinks was a major revealer of a particular page’s use and popularity within a large swath of users which was how you historically would improve backlink performance. Today, however, algorithms use a plethora of other factors, more than two hundred which are used to improve backlink performance. In addition to these factors, the quality of your links is increasingly important in this highly competitive market. 

On the users’ end, backlinks are important because they help users find relevant information in a timely and efficient manner. Backlinks help users find information by establishing connection points which a user will, hopefully, use to further their research and help answer the questions they’re asking when they search for a particular topic. Backlinks, in this case, would appear as a hyperlink with text describing the link, known as the “anchor text.” Anchor text appears in a different way than other text, which alerts users to the fact that there is more information beyond what they can see on the page. 

If they choose, a user can follow this information to the website link and continue their quest for answers. The external link is important because it transfers users directly to other information they need to fully answer they’re questions.

Improve backlink performance

With this firm foundation of the importance of backlinks in your arsenal, how do you build backlinks which will alert Google to the helpfulness of your website? How you attract other sites to link to your own in the race for clicks and views? Answering these questions is extremely important to improve backlink performance, as they improve SEO in a dramatic fashion, but they can also be tricky questions to answer because the quality of your links is more important than their quantity. 

Simply having multiple links – hundreds or thousands – to your website, or having links from only one source website, is not going to improve your Google search rank results in a substantial way. These strategies were enough to drive engagement and improve SEO in the past, but they’re simply outdated and outmoded due to Google’s aggressive campaign to improve SEO functions to give their users a more efficient search process. 

Today, backlink guidelines are structured around your company’s own content and the authority which your company possesses in your given field. Increasing backlink quality can only really be done by improving your own content and engaging your users in an organic and simple way. These practices in themselves can be improved through several methods:

  • Create and maintain a blog, and invite others to blog for your company, bringing their own following
  • Conduct original research with great insights into complex subject matters
  • Establish relationships with “influencers” who can share your company’s mission and products
  • Be proactive in writing blog posts for other companies in your industry and attracting their users
  • Practice link reclamation

There are multiple tools to help companies manage and understand their own backlink profile, but one of the most efficient and effective is SEMRush. SEMRush uses innovative technology to analyze your practices and enhance backlink quality, managing URLs and optimizing your content to attract new users. In addition to analyzing results and offering suggestions to further improve your SEO efforts, SEMRush will guide your company through link profile management to bolster your backlink quality practices and help take your digital marketing strategies to the next level.

Backlinks are a highly critical part of improving your company’s SEO and presence on Google’s first page of search results. Your company should do everything its power to increase the quantity and quality of its content, ensuring your site is a leader in its industry and is being used by those all over the globe to help answer questions and solve unique problems in a way your competitors can’t.This article will hopefully help you evaluate and improve your backlink performance, especially with tools like SEMRush. Explore other tips and tricks with techdescribed.com.

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