iMessage Not Working On iPhone and iPad – Fastest Fix

imessage not working

iMessage not working on iPhone and iPad: As we know iMessage is something which you will get with your iPhone or iPad. Basically iMessage allows you to share images, videos, sounds and location. It is so important to iPhone or iPad users even Apple is not forgetting to provide updates for iMessage.

In iOS 10 Apple released one big update for iMessage that includes bubble and screen effects, emoji, emojification, digital touch and handwriting and iMessage apps. iMessage will be there on your iPhone alongside with SMS and MMS. One of the best thing about this is you can keep in touch with non-Apple friends from the same app.

Nowadays we came to know that iPhone and iPad users are facing couple of issues with iMessage and complaining iMessage not working on iPhone and iPad. User noticed that when they are sending messages it is coming in green bubbles instead of blue bubble which mean your iMessage is not working. Have you noticed iMessage not sending, or failing to deliver, or they are not coming in proper order? For all these queries related to iMessage you will get a solution down in this article.

iMessage is working or Not – A Quick Check

First of all we would explain about blue bubble and green bubble. If you message is coming in blue bubble, that means it is sent using iMessage whereas if it is green bubble, means it is sent using your cellular plan either, SMS or MMS. This is a quick check to confirm whether iMessage is working or not on your device. If not, go for the below mentioned solutions on how to fix iMessage not working.

How To Fix iMessage Not Working on iPhone and iPad

Restart iMessage and Device

As we know most common fix for most of the issues is restart. So we will start with the basic fix. What you have to do is go to Settings >> Messages and Tap the button next to iMessage. This way you’ll be turning off iMessage on iPhone or iPad. After this hold power button until slider comes for ‘Slide to Power Off’ and slide your finger across bar to turn off your iPhone or iPad. Now you to turn on your device on and then again go to Settings >> Messages and turn iMessage on. Now give it a try whether iMessage is working or you have to go to next solution.

iMessage not Working

Sign Out and Sign In Again in iMessage

Go to Settings >> Messages and tap on ‘Send & Receive’. Next tap on your Apple ID and you’ll get three options one of them is Sign Out. After this Sign In back and try to send an iMessage to your friend or someone with your iPhone.

Check Internet Connection

You might know or not, iMessage works on internet. So you must be connected to a WiFi or cellular data must be on. There are chances that you connected with WiFi but internet is not working because WiFi won’t show anything in that case. Just to confirm your WiFi is working, go to safari and try to load any website. If website doesn’t open and safari is showing you’re not connected to the internet means problem is with WiFi not iMessage. Turn of WiFi and try to send iMessage using your cellular data.

Check iMessage Setup

iMessage is something which you have to setup there may be chances that you set it up before and by mistake you changed this setting. If you are using iMessage for the first time then there may be chances that you haven’t setup iMessage till now. So setting up iMessage is very easy you just have to toggle it on. Go to Settings >> Messages >> Toggle on iMessage it should come in green.

imessage not working

Now to check iMessage setup again go to Settings >> Tap on Messages to get open the menu. Select ‘Send & Receive’. Here you’ll find list of item that are configured to send and receive iMessage. Now under ‘Start New Conversations From’ you will find your email and phone number. If there is checked mark against your phone number then it is ok otherwise tap on your phone number to activate iMessage on your device.

Restore Network Settings

Sometimes issues with network connectivity can be a cause for iMessage not working on iPhone or iPad. So we can consider restoring iPhone network settings back to factory default and this might fix your iMessage problem. To reset iPhone or iPad network settings, go to Settings >> General >> Reset >> Reset Network Setting.

Check For Latest iOS Updates

Go to Settings >> General >> Software Update and check if any new update is available for download and install. If yes, go forward and try installing it. In case if doesn’t work and want to downgrade read How To Downgrade iOS. Just install the ISPW file according to your need and downgrade iOS on your device. Most of these errors are fixed by Apple, by providing updates to their customers.

imessage not working

Ask Apple

If none of the above troubleshooting methods works for you consider visiting Apple Store. There Apple assigns these issues to their engineers and they will closely look into the details of issues. For book appointment click here Make an Appointment.

Hopefully above methods helps you in Fix iMessage Not Working on iPhone and iPad. If you have any suggestions, tricks, solutions or queries reach out to us. You can comment it below or connect via Contact Us form.

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