How To Stop App Running In Background on Android

stop app running in background

How to Stop App Running in Background on Andorid: There are several smartphones available and we have seen one common problem in each one of them i.e. Battery. Most of the users are usually complaining about the battery life of their smartphones. If you go in depth then you will find apps will be running in background even after press home button.

Actually App will go in cache memory and when you open it again it will open quickly. But as soon as your cache size increases phone starts becoming slow and low on performance. Most of the Android users are keen to know how to stop app running in background.

Get List of App Running in Background

Actually you have to dig little more before you stop app running in background because sometimes it crashes your phone. There are some built in monitoring tools into Android but that needs to be activated in some devices. So before proceeding further you have to unlock developer option.

If developer option is not enabled in your device, go to Settings > About Phone and then Tap Build Number. Ideally you have to press build number 7 times or more. You’ll be getting the notification that Developer Option have been unlock once you are done you can stop tapping.

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For many devices this developer option is already enabled so you can directly have a look on Process, Process Stats or Running Services. These statistics are available at Settings > Developer Options > Processes/ Running Services. This option takes you to the list of running process and shows how much RAM is used by each.

Once you get the list of apps running in background and using the most RAM you want to kill it. Before killing pay some attention towards the App because it might crash your phone.

You can also switch between running processes and cached processes when you are under Services/Processes Menu.

Stop App Running in Background on Android – Android Tips and Tricks

As we said, if you blindly kill your app which is using more RAM it might crash your device. We would like to give a small advice that is the apps marked with Google Services and Apps starting with Google shouldn’t be stopped manually. In some apps you will not find option to force stop that means these are truly crucial apps.

stop app running in background

Suppose from list you found some apps are killing your battery and you are not even using it. So go ahead and kill them using the instruction below.

  • Go to Settings > Developer Options > Process/ Running Services and click on Stop button.

stop app running in background

  • To uninstall or force stop any app from Application list Go To Settings > Applications > Application Manager. Now select the app which you want to modify. Kindly don’t uninstall or force stop any app blindly.

In order to check which cached process is using more RAM you can have a look under Settings. Before uninstalling any of these cached app keep same rule in mind which we discussed for normal apps.

Which App Is Draining Your Battery?

Till now you must be having detailed battery information about each app. But if you start checking what’s draining your battery by accessing each and every app it will take your whole day. We have a better way, Go to Settings > Battery and see what options are available for you. Options might differ in every device depending upon the OS. But at minimum, you will be having a list which apps used the battery most. Based on this list you can decide which app to stop individually.

Hopefully this Article “How To Stop App Running in Background on Android” helps you in uninstalling and force stopping apps. It will also help in improving battery life and optimize battery usage. If you have any issues or problems kindly comment them below. Read more with this article or other tips at

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