How To Reset Windows Phone – Hard & Soft Reset

how to reset windows phone

How To Reset Windows Phone: Windows is an amazing OS platform given by Microsoft. Previously Windows OS is more popular with Laptops and Desktops. But now it is giving neck to neck competition to iOS and Android. Seriously, it is none the less than any other OS in areas like games, apps etc. There is Windows Apps store which allows you to download both paid and free apps. Being such a good OS doesn’t mean you’ll not face any issues or errors.

There are some common errors in Windows Phone like Error Code 800704CF, 805A0193 and others. But it isn’t like they will be fixed by hard reset or soft reset only. There are couple of other ways to fix them. But in case none of them is working you have to go for either hard or soft reset of your windows phone. If you are struggling how to reset windows phone we are here for you. Here in this article we are going to discuss both (1) How to do Hard Reset of Windows Phone and (2) How to do Soft Reset of Windows Phone.

how to reset windows phone

First of all you need to understand what is hard reset and soft reset. There is a very big difference in both of them. Hard Reset (factory reset) will return your phone to factory settings while soft reset is like an extended reboot.

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How To Reset Windows Phone

As we already discussed there are two type of reset in Windows Phone. We are going to discuss them one by one.

How to do Soft Reset of Windows Phone

We will tell you in simple words that Soft Reset is the same thing as pulling battery out and putting it again. It is completely safe to perform and it will not clear or erase any data from your phone.

Also there is no need to switch off your device, simply press Volume Down and Power buttons together until phone vibrates and restarts. Please be patient and don’t touch the screen.

Soft reset is more useful in case of an App is not working, camera won’t open, battery is draining to fast or abnormal behaviour of device.

How to do Hard Reset of Windows Phone

Hard reset of windows phone will bring your device to the factory setting which means the same state when the device was turned on for the first time. All Apps, Messages, Music, Videos, personal setting etc will be removed from the phone. There are ways to take the backup of data before hard reset and we would like to recommend that strongly. Yes it will remove everything given below but OS or firmware updates will not be deleted.

Once you have taken the backup of all essential things which you might need after this hard reset. Go to Settings >> About >> Reset your Phone. It will take a while to get completed, usually it will take 30-40 minutes but we are not giving it is as bottom line.

Hard reset is more useful when Soft reset didn’t serve the purpose. You want to restore a backup, switching to another Microsoft Account.

This is all about How To Reset Windows Phone. If you have any difficulty in this or in other part like how to do Soft Reset of Windows Phone or how to do Hard Reset of Windows kindly let us know. Make sure you are putting a comment if there is any difficulty or misunderstanding in the article.

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