How to delete a WordPress Theme

How to delete a wordpress theme

As you build and maintain your WordPress website, it’s simple enough to find and install themes. But, you may find yourself not liking the theme or wanting to try a new theme that better suits your needs or aesthetic, when this happens you need to delete your current WordPress theme. Here is how to delete a WordPress theme:

How to delete a WordPress theme via the WordPress dashboard:

  1. Open your WordPress dashboard
  2. Go to Appearance —> Themes
  3. Find the theme that you want to delete 
  4. You can’t remove a theme that is active. So, first you must activate the default WordPress theme in order to be able to delete the intended theme
  5. Click on the deactivated theme to see its details and then click Delete 
  6. Now click on the deactivated files to see its details and delete it, to do that, click Delete.

You can also delete a theme you have installed through your FTP manager:

The information below is how to delete a WordPress theme via ftp manager. For some, this may be a daunting task but it’s pretty simple once you get used to it.

  1. Log in to your server via the FTP manager
  2. Open the WordPress Installation Folder 
  3. Go to wp-content/themes folder and delete your theme and the folders
  4. Next, go to wp-content/plugins folder and delete all of the plugins 
  5. Your theme should be successfully deleted through the FTP manager

Deleting a theme via SFTP:

This section will cover how to delete a WordPress theme vis SFTP. While it’s similar to FTP, there are a few differences:

  1. Connect to your SFTP server, to do that you will need to know your:
  • Protocol
  • Host
  • Port
  • Username
  • Password

2. Once you are logged in, select the wp-content folder and then the themes subfolder 

3. Select the theme you are looking to delete

4. Select Delete from the popup menu

A confirmation message will pop up, hit Delete 

What is the difference between FTP and SFTP?

It’s the S that makes all the difference here. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, it’s an internet service that allows users to upload and download files between their computer and a remote web server or computer. FTP also includes commands that let you execute operations on a remote computer, for instance, seeing what’s in a folder, creating a folder and deleting files.

SFTP stands for Secure File Transfer Protocol. This data transfer protocol encrypts the connection between your computer and the remote server, making the data secure and ensuring that it is transferred securely using a private and safe data stream.

We recommend using SFTP instead of FTP when possible to keep your data safe and secure. This is the best way on how to delete a WordPress theme.

Is it safe to delete old WordPress themes?

Yes, it is safe to delete a WordPress theme that you are not using or no longer want to use for whatever reason. It is important to remember that every WordPress website needs at least one theme installed to work properly. You can see what WordPress theme you are currently using by going to Appearance —> Themes and see your current theme under Active Theme. It’s a good practice to keep one default WordPress theme installed on your website. It acts as the fallback theme in case your current theme stops working. When you are thinking about how to delete a WordPress theme, you need to also think about a new theme that would would appropriate.

What if I accidentally delete a WordPress theme?

If you accidentally deleted a WordPress theme, don’t panic, there are a few different ways to get it back.

First, you can restore the theme from the backup. This is easier as many WordPress backup plugins allow you to quickly restore your website to an earlier stage. But, if you didn’t make a backup, you can still restore your theme. All you have to do is download and install a fresh copy of the same theme. The only downfall to this solution is that you will lose all customizations you have made to the theme. 

If you have to delete a WordPress theme for any reason, we hope this article will help guide you to the correct process to successfully and easily delete your WordPress theme. 

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