How To Activate Lockdown Mode In Android 9

how to activate lockdown mode in android 9

How to activate lockdown mode in Android 9 : Already Android 9 is popular in most of the devices. For the very first time we have seen Android 9 in Google Pixels and we came to know about its features. When we start exploring its features we came across lockdown mode. As we all know Android Pie is focusing more on security than anything else.

So, lockdown mode in Android Pie belongs to that only. Later in this article we’ll tell you know about what lockdown mode in Android 9 is and how to activate lockdown mode in Android Pie.

As we said Android 9 is more about security because of the recent threats. Apart from Lockdown Mode in Android Pie there are plenty of newly introduced securities setting in this operating system. We won’t like to deviate from our topic so we will focus on locking mode in Android 9.

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What is Lockdown Mode in Android Pie?

Lockdown mode is more useful for the users who are too concerned about their private data and want to secure the information from hackers, law enforcement agents, etc. Basically lockdown mode blocks the unlocking methods like facial recognition, fingerprint sensor or voice recognition features from being used. In case you are aware or not, it is illegal for law enforcement to make you enter PIN or phone pattern and with lockdown mode they can’t force you. This change makes you data more secure and private.

How to Activate Lockdown Mode in Android 9

By now you must have understand the importance of lockdown mode in Android Pie. Follow the steps below to enable this amazing feature on your smartphone.

  • Go to Android Settings >> Security & Location >> Lock Screen Preferences
activate lockdown mode in android pie
  • Then toggle the switch on for Show Lockdown Option
activate lockdown mode in android pie
  • That’s it! You have successfully enabled the lockdown option on your Android 9

You can activate lockdown mode by holding the power button same way you are doing for restarting or switch off. Now you can notice a new option Lockdown below the restart option and as soon as you are tapping the lockdown icon immediately your phone will lock and hide all the screen notifications as well. To use your smartphone, you’ll need to enter the PIN, pattern or password.

Pro Tip: Once you have entered PIN, pattern or password to unlock your device lockdown mode will be deactivated and you have to enable it again using same steps. Read more about how to activate lockdown mode with this article or explore more tips at

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