Hidden Features Of iOS 12 – Top 10 You Must Know

hidden features of ios 12

Top 10 Hidden Features of iOS 12 : iOS 12 has been already launched with lot of amazing features. If you are using iOS 12 then must be playing with its new features and functions. This time iOS 12 brought lots of features and there are high chances one must be missing some of them. There we came up with top 10 hidden features of iOS 12. You might be aware of some of them but its good if you go through these once may be you find something new.

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Hidden Features of iOS 12 – Top 10

Find Songs By Their Lyrics

You must have faced this issue couple of time when you remember the lyrics but not songs title. Now you search those lyrics in Apple Music – just search box at the top to look for words or phrases. If you are thinking that this feature is available for Apple music subscriber only then you are wrong. Anyone with Apple Music can use this feature for searching their favourite song.

Get Updates Automatically

hidden features of ios 12

In iOS 12 they provided automatic updates. In previous versions you have manually accept the updates for iOS but after iOS 12 they automated this thing. If Automatic Updates are enabled in your device then new patches will be installed overnight. You will receive a notification before updates are installed. Your iPhone must be charging and connected to Wi-Fi to complete the update. If you don’t want to download and install updates automatically you can disable this feature. Go to Settings > General > Software Update > Automatic Update > Click on Green Switch.

Battery Life Detailed Information

hidden features of ios 12

Everyone is always worried about which app is draining the battery most. This battery information is getting better and better with every iOS version. In this iOS 12 you can dig to the maximum extent to get the required information. Now new charts, graphs and breakdown show you exact information which app was using your battery and at what time. To check this detailed battery information Go to Settings > Battery then scroll down to see battery usage.

Ask SIRI Your Passwords

Forgot your Password? If you are not using some apps or websites then there are chances that you have forgotten your password. Now you don’t have to worry or go through forgot password process. If your password is stored in your iPhone you can simple ask SIRI what it is you will get a response back. Don’t worry SIRI is smart enough, your password will not be announced in room it will flash on your screen.

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Multiple Face ID To Unlock Device

Now you can have more than one face to unlock your device. I know most iPhone users will not appreciate it but some emergency case you can add your friends or spouse face ID. Adding second Face ID also same. Go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode > Set Up an Alternate Appearance.

Favicons In Safari

hidden features of ios 12

Now you can have icons for your bookmarks in the tab bar. Once you enabled favicons on safari you can cut down on text and see visual. To enable Go to Settings > Safari > Show Icons in Tabs.

Do Not Disturb – One Tap Away

Instead of Turning On and OFF manually when you are in meeting, movie or event you can activate Do Not Disturb Mode from control centre. When you long press Do Not Disturb icon you’ll get new DND options. Select any one according to your need and it will be automatically turned off after that even ends.

QR Code Scanner In Control Centre

hidden features of ios 12

In iOS 11 Apple added QR code scanner in camera app. Now in iOS 12 QR Code Scanner got its own shortcut in control centre. Mostly by default you will get QR scanner in control centre but to add manually follow instructions. Go to Settings > Control Centre > Customize Controls and then toggle the button against Scan QR Code.

Screen Time Widget

hidden features of ios 12

You might have explored Screen Time Tool in iOS 12. It will show the detailed information about the screen time. But you might not be aware that you can add this as a widget also. To add it as a widget Go to Widget Screen > Edit > then tap on + green sign against Screen Time.

Modified Notifications

hidden features of ios 12

In iOS 12 notifications are very much customized. Now for every app you’ll get group notification instead of individual ones and seriously it is less annoying than ever. You can also change the grouping of notifications on app by app basis. Also you can manage notifications in real time by right swiping the notification.

It is quite long that iOS 12 has been launched so we finally came up with Top 10 Hidden Features of iOS 12. Hopefully all these hidden features of iOS 12 are new to you also. If you already discovered these features and have something new kindly discuss with us via comments.

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