Top 10 Google Play errors

Google Play errors

You find the app you’ve been searching for on Google Play and attempt to install it or you’re running into other Google Play errors. Everything seems to be moving along as it should. You’re waiting a little impatiently for the app to be installed, and it’s almost ready. Suddenly, everything stops and you receive a Google Play errors from seemingly out of nowhere. Your app isn’t installing anymore and you don’t know what is wrong.

While it’s definitely thrown you, there’s no need to panic. With a little knowledge and a whole lot of troubleshooting advice, you can figure out the problem and get things working properly again. 

At the bottom of your Google Play errors, there should be an error code in parenthesis. This code is the key to figuring out your problem.  Keep in mind that most of the issues you will have with Google Play will be due to storage, internet connectivity, or Google servers. The good news about this is that most Google Play errors should be fairly simple to remedy, or might just require a little bit of patience.

1. Error 927

Error code 927 is one of our first Google Play errors that we will go over. It will show up when you’re trying to install an app. After you hit the “install” button, Google Play Errors 927 appears, which tells you that the app cannot be installed due to an update on the Google Play store. 

In order to fix these Google Play errors, you typically only need to wait for the update to be completed. Once the update is finished, you can try again to install the app. However, if you are still receiving the error code, head to settings and attempt to manually fix it. Do so by clicking Apps- All Apps- Google Services- Clear Data- Force Stop. Do the same for Google Play by clicking Apps- All Apps- Google Play Store- Clear Data- Force Stop. 

2. Error 920

If you receive Google Play errors code 920, it means that you are not able to install an app due to trouble with the Google Play app or a poor internet connection.

To fix this problem, reboot your Wifi and then try installing the app again. If it is still not working, log out of your Google account and then turn your device off and then on again. Once it is on, log back into your Google account. You can also clear the cache of the Play store to help. 

3. Error 491

Google Play errors code 941 means that you cannot install an app on your device, typically due to trouble with the Google Play app. 

Fix this problem by clearing the cache of the Play store. If this does not help, you will want to clear the data of the Play store. Keep in mind that this will remove your Google Play settings. If there is still a problem after you have tried both of these things, you will log out of your Google account, restart your device, and log in again. 

4. Error 940

This error means that, due to a problem with the Google Play store app, the app cannot be downloaded.

To troubleshoot this error, first restart your device. This could clear the problem up right away. If it doesn’t, clear the cache and data of the Google Play store. You can also go to settings and clear the Download Manager data. 

5. Error 944

While common as well, Error 944 is an error that occurs due to the Google Play store server being unavailable. As this error has nothing to do with your device or account, there is nothing you can do but wait for the error to clear. Fortunately, this usually only takes a few minutes. 

6. Error 101/919/921

These common error codes appear when a device doesn’t have sufficient storage. If there is not enough room on the device to install the app, one of these error codes will appear. In order to fix this problem, you will need to free up some space by removing unused apps or deleting photos, videos, and more. 

7. DF-BPA-09

If you are trying to install an app that you have to pay for, you might receive Error Code DF-BPA-09. If this code appears after you’ve already paid for the app, you will want to clear the Google Play store and then wait. The app should appear, even if it takes a bit of time. 

8. Error 911

If you can’t install an app and you get Error Code 911, don’t panic. It’s not an emergency. The likely issue is with your WiFi or the Google Play app. You can troubleshoot this problem by switching from WiFi to mobile network, making sure your WiFi is active and you’re logged in properly, as well as clearing the Google Play cache. 

9. Error 498

When your app installation is simply interrupted, you will typically receive Error Code 498. To fix it, clear the cache on the Google Play app. Hold down volume and power buttons to reboot the device in recovery mode. You can also delete things in order to free up storage space. 

10. Error 501

You will receive Error Code 501 if you cannot even open up the Google Play store or you are not able to download anything from the store. 

Solve this problem by clearing the Google Play store’s data and cache. If necessary, log out of your Google account, reboot the device, and then log back into the account. 

To finish things off

While there are many Google Play errors that can cause things to not function properly, these are the main ones that people deal with. Even if you receive a different Error Code, these solutions are likely to help you out. 

The next time you have some Google Play errors, try some of these solutions to help you fix your problem. Don’t worry, you shouldn’t have to wait more than a few minutes to download that app. Download the latest apps at Google Play and check out our other posts at

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