Fortnite Error Code 91: Getting Disconnected from Game Randomly

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How to fix Fortnite Error Code 91: Fortnite is one of the most widely played games today. It was developed by well known gaming giants Epic Games in 2017. Till then, it hasn’t looked back and only gained popularity. Once good thing about Fortnite is that they keep releasing updates to keep their end users engaged. Fortnite is available on multiple platforms including Android, Windows, macOS, iOS, and Nintendo Switch. So, no matter what platform you are into, you can always enjoy this beautiful game. If you are a Fortnite user, you must be aware that it is available in 3 gaming modes namely: Fortnite Save the World, Fortnite Battle Royal, and Fortnite Creative.

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Though this game usually gives you a very smooth and steady user experience, there are instances where users have reported facing few issues. Recently, Fortnite started a new season and users started to experience certain issues while playing the game. Many users reported that they are getting disconnected from the game randomly with Fortnite Error Code 91. Just imagine how annoying it is to get disconnected from the game randomly. I can imagine how much frustrating it can be. Fortnite Error Code 91 is relatively new, and many users have reported the same to the Epic Games to fix it soon. In the meantime, we are here to provide few easy tweaks which may help you fix Fortnite Error Code 91. So, lets get started.


How to fix Fortnite Error Code 91

In this section, we will try to fix Fortnite Error Code 91 by implementing the methods given below. Please make sure you are following the steps carefully.

Method 1: Verify Fortnite Game Files

Verifying your game files can help fix Fortnite Error Code 91. Verifying game files often fixes any corrupt game files present in your system and put the files in case they are missing. If you are not aware of how to verify the game files, you can follow the steps given below:

  • First, restart your Computer to make sure nothing hinders the verification process.
  • Once the system has restarted, Launch Epic Games Launcher on your PC.
  • Just right to the Launch button, you will see an icon for Settings. Just click on the Settings icon.
fortnite error code 91
  • From the menu, choose Verify option as shown in the screenshot below.
fortnite error code 91
  • This will start the verification process right away.
  • Wait for few minutes (approximately 10 minutes) until it verifies the Fortnite Game files.

Once the verification process is over, try playing the game and check if Fortnite Error Code 91 persists.

Method 2: Reinstall Fortnite on your Device

If method 1 didn’t work for you, then you can try reinstalling the game. This will make sure you have the latest version of the game installed on your system with all the updated files. Please make sure you are first uninstalling the current version of the game and then you can download and install the latest version of Fortnite on your device.

So, these were the few easy tips and tricks that you can use to get rid of Fortnite Error Code 91. Hope you liked this article on How to fix Fortnite Error Code 91. Also, feel free to share your thoughts and issues through the comment section which is right below this post.  

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