Fixing common pc gaming errors

common pc gaming errors
common pc gaming errors

Playing games on a PC is favored by most gamers over a console because of the freedom it gives you in addition to less graphic glitches and performance problems. But, that does not mean that gaming on a PC is problem-free. Fixing common pc gaming errors that pop up is what we’ll cover in this article.

Artifacts and visual glitches

The term artifacts refers to heavy distortion across visual media. In video games, it’s common to see missing or deformed geometry, textures that are out of whack or even elements that flicker. The video card is the component that is responsible for processing visuals and sending them to your screen, therefore, these common pc gaming errors rooted in the GPU. Make sure that your graphic card drivers are up to date.

If you update your drivers or confirm that they are the latest ones and you still have graphic issues, you could have a problem with heat in your system. Clean your PC if you haven’t done so in a while because too much dust can create excess heat which harms your video card and other parts of the system. Make sure you have enough ventilation as well which will help in fixing common pc gaming errors.

Screen tearing

This is similar to the visual artifact glitches that we just discussed, but screen tearing is even more special. This problem happens when your screen shows multiple frames from a gate at one time, split into two or more parts that are not aligning properly. Unlike most of the PC gaming issues, this issue isn’t exactly the fault of any one component.

Screen tearing happens because the feed that your video card sends to your monitor is not syncing up correctly with the display’s refresh rate. Most games have a feature called V-sync in order to combat this. Enabling that feature will prevent the video card from updating your display until the monitor finishes its current refresh cycle.

Extreme lag online

Lag means the delay between when you take action in an online game and the server’s reaction time to what you did. The quality of your internet connection affects how much lag time you experience. When you are experiencing a high amount of lag, make sure to close any tasks that are running on your network that are taking up a lot of bandwidth. This includes stopping all downloads and video streams and ensuring that you are not running any torrents.

Lag is even more of an issue on internet connections that are not stable. If you are playing online with Wi-Fi, you might want to consider switching to an Ethernet connection. What game you are playing also impacts lag time. Games that are peer-to-peer like Call of Duty will impact your lag time if another player has a poor connection.

Freezing and hanging

If you regularly start to experience sudden freezes while playing games online and the game has to “catch up,” it is likely that at least one component of your system is a bottleneck. To troubleshoot this issue, drop the graphics to a lower setting so that the game can be less resource-intensive.

Close other problems that are running on your PC so that they don’t take up RAM or CPU power. Also, it’s a good idea to make sure you have some free disk space. If after those fixes your game is still freezing, you might want to consider reviewing your current PC hardware to make sure it meets the specifications of the game and you may need to completely upgrade your system if that is the case. This is definintely a great example of common pc gaming errors.

Crashing games

Perhaps the worst error on this list is the games that just keep crashing, causing you to lose all progress you have made and even preventing you from playing. Some of the advice we have already talked about applies to crashing games as well. So, you will want to make sure you have the latest video drivers installed and that your system meets the requirements to play the game. Restart your PC to make sure that’s not the issue.

Next, disable your antivirus software any other software that can interfere with a game’s operation. Next, reinstall the game to make sure that all files are installed correctly. If you still aren’t finding a solution, try Googling to see what other people have found that solved the issue. This should help resolve common pc gaming errors.

Final thoughts about fixing common pc gaming errors

Fixing common pc gaming errors can be done in a few easy steps. When games don’t run smoothly, it is a huge pain and inconvenience. We hope that the next time you experience any of these common pc gaming errors while gaming with your PC that this guide can serve as a tool to quickly get you out of the jam and on your way to playing a smooth game.

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