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How to fix Unfortunately App has Stopped Error on Android Devices

How to fix Unfortunately App has Stopped Error on Android Devices – Android is one of the leading affiliates in the world of smartphones. Since more than 80% of phones come equipped with the Android operating system, the Android OS clearly steals the show. No matter what your budget is, you can always get an Android-based mobile phone. Be it a premium smartphone or a budget phone, Android offers you everything. This Google-backed mobile operating system has achieved a lot and it currently has the monopoly in the world of mobile operating systems. Nobody except iOS is able to compete with the Android mobile operating system. Android is worth giving a shot.

There are hundreds and thousands of mobiles that come equipped with the Android operating system. Now depending upon the configuration, price, and hardware, you may have a different user experience. Usually, Android provides a very smooth user experience, sometimes the budget smartphones with low configuration can cause a bit of issue, especially when they grow old. For instance, a few months ago I was using an Android-based smartphone which started throwing some issues. I started getting an error message saying, “Unfortunately app has stopped”. This error message started popping up for a number of applications that were stored on my device.

unfortunately app has stopped


Recently I came to know that a lot of users were getting the error message – Unfortunately app has stopped. So, I thought of sharing my experience and knowledge on this particular error so that a number of users can be benefited from this. First of all, we should get into the root cause of this error. If I keep it short, the lack of storage on your device causes this error. As your phone grow old, it tends to fill up due to your WhatsApp messages, SMS, Call logs, and App Data. When you launch an app, it needs a certain memory to start properly. When the app doesn’t get the required memory, it throws an error message saying – Unfortunately App has stopped. Now that we know the root cause of this error message, it is high time we should start implementing the methods to fix Unfortunately App has Stopped error message.


In this section, you will get all you need to fix Unfortunately app has stopped error message on your Android device. All you need to do is follow the steps given in each method and make sure you are following the instructions carefully. Now we are all set to fix this error message. So, let us get started.


For me, it was WhatsApp that was throwing this error. So, I had to clear the cache memory and data for WhatsApp. You need to identify the application that is causing the issue and clear the data and cache of that app only. If you are not aware of how to do that, you can simply follow the steps given below here:

  • Go to Settings and tap on Installed Apps or Apps depending upon the phone you are using.

unfortunately app has stopped

  • Now scroll down to find the App that is causing the error.

unfortunately app has stopped

  • Tap on Storage option as shown in the screenshot.

unfortunately app has stopped

  • Now on Clear Data button at the bottom.

unfortunately app has stopped

  • Tap on Clear Cache and Clear Data option one by one.

unfortunately app has stopped

  • Once done, try to relaunch the app and you should be good to go this time.


As discussed in the root cause of the error message – Unfortunately app has stopped, you need a decent amount of space on your device to ensure proper functioning. So, if it is possible for you to delete some unused apps or games from your device, please do that immediately. Free up as much as you can. This will give enough space for important apps to ensure they work properly without any resistance.


A corrupted SD card can also cause Unfortunately app has stopped error message. In fact, this has been the case for a lot of users. It might be possible that your SD card is not in a good state or is corrupted. So, it is worth trying to launch the application after removing the SD card. If your SD card is the culprit, the app should work well this time. In such a case, consider scanning your SD card to replacing it completely.


Ideally, you should not reach to this method. If you are here, then it means none of the methods mentioned above were able to resolve the issue for you. However, this method is surely going to resolve Unfortunately app has stopped error message. Just uninstall the application that is causing the issue and install the latest version of that application from the Google Play Store. Now try to launch the game and check if the error still persists.

That’s all we have. Hope you were able to resolve the issue through the methods mentioned in this article. In case of any issues, please put your query in the comment section below.


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