How to fix PUBG Mobile Emulator Error Code 1

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How to fix PUBG Mobile Emulator Error Code 1: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG is one the most trending games of today’s era. This is a super addictive multiplayer battle royal game developed by Bluehole. This game has become a part of most of the youngster’s day to day activities. I am also a very big PUBG fan and find this game really attractive and addictive.

Bluehole is also doing  a great job by providing multiple updates at regular intervals. Also, these updates are not just for the name sake. One can easily feel the difference whenever the update arrives. PUBG being a very heavy game often requires a high configuration smartphone and unfortunately not every one of us have it. If you also belong to one of those candidates, then you must be using Tencent Emulator to enjoy PUBG Mobile on your Windows based system.

Though emulator seems to be a fair and easy solution to most of us but this is not the case always. Many of us have already faced  a lot of issues while using emulator. As I was trying to set up Tencent emulator on my Windows machine, things didn’t go very well. The emulator got stuck at 98% and then an error message popped up that said:

Failed to start emulator failed to start the engine error code 1

After putting so much effort, all I got was error code 1. If you also had to go through the same process, then I know how you are feeling right now. But the good part is that you need not worry at all. I was able to fix PUBG Mobile Emulator Error Code 1. So, I will be sharing my experience with you to make your life easier. So, let us get started.

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In this section, you will get a simple yet very efficient method to fix PUBG Mobile Emulator Error Code 1. Though the steps that I have mentioned below are simple and self explanatory, you can always reach out to us through comment section that we have provided at the end of this post. So, let us not waste anytime further and jump directly to the steps to fix PUBG Mobile Emulator Error Code 1. Follow the steps given below carefully to get rid of this issue once and for all:

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The first step of this guide is to delete the temp and tmp folder’s contents from your system. You can follow the steps given below to do so.

  • Press Windows Key + R to open the Run Panel.
  • Here, type temp. This will open a folder on your system.

PUBG Mobile Emulator Error Code 1

  • Select all the files by pressing Ctrl + A. Now right click and select Delete. 

PUBG Mobile Emulator Error Code 1

  • Again open the Run Panel and type tmp in it.
  • Once again, select all the files by pressing Ctrl + A. Now right click and select Delete. 


Now that you are done with cleaning the temp files on your Windows system, this is the time we uninstall the Tencent Emulator that is not working as desired. In order to delete the Tencent Emulator, you can follow the steps as mentioned below:

  • Go to Control Panel and make sure you have selected Category in view by option.
  • Now click on Uninstall a program option. Please refer to the screenshot below in case of any doubts.

PUBG Mobile Emulator Error Code 1

  • This will open a list of all the installed programs on your machine. Search for Tencent Emulator and press on Uninstall button.
  • Wait for the program to uninstall.


Please follow the steps mentioned in this article to restart your system in safe mode depending open the version of Windows you are having.

How to Restart Windows in Safe Mode.

Once you are done with restarting in safe mode, go to step 4.


In this step, we need to delete the files related to Tencent Emulator and we will have to do it from the Safe Mode. In normal mode, we may not be able to delete all the files. So just follow along.

  • Go to C:\Program Files.
  • Now search for Tencent Folder (may be something like TxGameAssistant).
  • Select all the files and delete them.
  • Once you are done with this, restart your system in normal mode.


This is the final step of this tutorial where you need to reinstall the Tencent Emulator from the scratch and then you will be good to go. You can have the latest version from the link given below:

Download  latest version of Tencent Emulator for PUBG Mobile

After installing the latest version, you should be able to play PUBG on it.

So, these were the well elaborated and simple steps to fix PUBG Mobile Emulator Error Code 1. Hope you liked this article. In case of any issues or concerns, please use the comment section. We will try to resolve the queries at the earliest.


7 thoughts on “How to fix PUBG Mobile Emulator Error Code 1”

  1. Sacchin Albuquerque

    This Session of resolving the Error code of PUBG Emulator was truly awesome did exactly the same way how you described and was able to remove the error… Thanks so much

  2. i am surprised it is working . i saw most of the YouTube videos it was not working but this helped me lot thank you.

  3. José Daniel

    This helped me solve the problem … But I have a detail, every time I close the emulator I am asked to update PUBG and I can not play anymore … I have to do this procedure often and it is very tedious … You know What happens and how can I solve it completely?

  4. I’m not saying that your method would not work , but there’s a simpler why of doing it.My method prevents data lose on all Gameloop Games.
    -Open file explorer
    -Go to C drive and where you installed your Gameloop
    -For me it’s ,program files,txgameassistant,ui.
    -In this folder you will find all your Gameloop files
    -open AndriodEmulator.exe
    -wait till it opens the emulator
    -close and go back to your Gameloop app store/My games
    -Click play and your done ,all fixed;)

    1. It works when we have the game already installed,but whenever a new update comes in as for now season 13,after the update gameloop automatically starts by itself & then the error code 1 is again occured… But when I try to open it from androidemulator the updated game is not there,its beacuse the update is not installed… How to fix this issue now? I cant play the game now…I have tried each & every way possible,even uninstalled & installed it again for a couple of times but the problem is still there… Need a fix manh :’)

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