Enable Touch ID For WhatsApp Unlock iOS | Face ID

enable touch id for whatsapp unlock ios

How to Enable Touch ID for WhatsApp Unlock iOS : Wait is finally over now you can enable Touch ID or Face ID for WhatsApp in iOS. Yes! It is true that no third party app is required to protect WhatsApp for unwanted use. Lot of iPhone users are missing out this feature and finally they got what they want. Previously there were no inbuilt app that can protect your WhatsApp messages, but now you can manage this through settings.

It is not even a trick or something, it’s just an additional settings that came into picture in last few days. If you are using iPhone from a long time then you must know that we need to download some third party apps to protect WhatsApp messages. Also those app were not even free.

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It’s good that we got this feature but there is one dependency. You can’t setup different Touch ID or Face ID from your iPhone it has to be the same. But we all know something is better than nothing. Instead of downloading any third party app and paying them enable touch id for WhatsApp unlock iOS.

Enable Touch ID for WhatsApp Unlock iOS | Unlock WhatsApp using Face ID

  • First of all open WhatsApp and go to Settings
  • Then go for Account >> Privacy >> Screen Lock
enable touch id for whatsapp unlock ios

Now you will find the toggle to enable Touch ID or Face ID here. This option basically depends in which iPhone you own. iPhone X or above users will have Face ID whereas iPhone 8 or below users will have Touch ID option.

enable touch id for whatsapp unlock ios

Here we have one more additional feature that is you can choose time when your WhatsApp should lock. You can select through 4 options Immediately, After 1 minute, After 15 minutes or After 1 hour. Basically this options provides once you have exit WhatsApp after what time it should be locked. You can select your preferred time and you are done. So whenever you open WhatsApp be ready to give your Touch ID or Face ID.

enable touch id for whatsapp unlock

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