Downgrade From iOS 12 To iOS 11 – Free Tips 2020

downgrade from ios 12 to ios 11

Downgrade From iOS 12 to iOS 11 on iPhone and iPad: Recently WWDC announced iOS 12 beta version both developer beta and public beta are available to install now. Before installing it is quite obvious that you might be thinking that what if you regret installing iOS 12 beta. Don’t worries just go through this article on how to downgrade from iOS 12 to iOS 11 on iPhone?

If you are upgrading to iOS 12 beta version then you might face some common issues. There are chances like your applications become incompatible, battery starts draining fast, iPhone becomes slow or unresponsive while starting etc. But these are not obvious issues we are saying because these are quite common which usually arise with new upgrades. If any of these issues arises you always have an option to downgrade from iOS 12 to iOS 11.

downgrade from ios 12 to ios 11

Suppose you installed iOS 12 beta version on your device and facing some technical glitches. In such cases we would like to suggest going for iOS 11.4. iOS 11.4 is quite stable version and it has some amazing features like Airplay 2 or Messaging on iCloud. Have a look on iOS 11.4 features. Of course iOS 12 will provide extra features along with new ones but for stability you can go for iOS 11.4.

Downgrading iOS 12 Beta – Precautions

We would like to suggest some key points which you have to take care before downgrading iOS. These points are important because you never know when things can go wrong. So it is better to be prepared.

Before updating kindly take back up of all your data and settings. Regarding taken this back up Apple suggested using iTunes that too latest version. Once taking back you have to archive the backup.

How to Take Backup and Archive It using iTunes

  • First of all you need a system with iTunes
  • Connect iPhone or iPad with your device having iTunes
  • Now click on Summary and then Back up
  • Wait for backup to finish
  • Select iTunes > Preference > Device and look for device backup
  • Click Ctrl + Backup and then finally select option Archive

These things are important because in case you want to return to previous version of iOS. This way we can create safe and secure backup which we can use if we don’t want to continue with iOS 12 beta version.

We would like to frankly tell you about the risk involved in downgrading from iOS 12 to iOS 11. There are chances like you ended up in bricking your device. We heard certain cases in which people backup didn’t worked and finally they have to get their phone replaced. Installing and downgrading means you are taking this risk. If you are confident and want to try iOS 12 beta version you can proceed.

How To Downgrade from iOS 12 to iOS 11 – iPhone or iPad

Method 1 – Using iTunes Archive

  • First of all you have to enter in recovery mode. To enter in recovering mode, press Power and Home button together until your iPhone or iPad turns off. Then continue holding the home button it will take a long don’t give up.
  • After this it will ask ‘Connect to iTunes’ so plug in iPhone/iPad to your device and open iTunes.
  • iTunes will tell you that an iPhone/iPad is detected in Recovery Mode and it needs to be restored. Click Ok to restore your iPhone or iPad.
  • At the end choose option to restore and update. iTunes automatically downloads the latest version of iOS available and install it on your Apple device.
  • Once iTunes finishes iOS installation it will give you an option to restore it. Now it is your choice you want to restore it from old version or want it as a new device.

Method 2 – Using IPSW File

  • Download IPSW file for iOS 11.4 and save in your PC for later use.
  • Connect your iPhone/iPad with your device using iTunes.
  • Now select you’re from iTunes (You will find an iPhone like icon on top left corner of iTunes).
  • After this click on the Restore iPhone button while holding down the left Option key (Mac) or left Shift key (Windows).
  • Select IPSW file which you have already downloaded and saved for later use.
  • It might take some time but at end your device will be installed with iOS 11.4.

If you have any questions regarding downgrading from iOS 12 to iOS 11 you can comment below. We will try to answer all your questions or queries as soon as possible.

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