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dell xps 13 review

Dell XPS 13 Review – Dell is one of the renowned and reputed laptop and other electronic device manufacturing companies. We are very happy to see the latest laptop model XPS13 upping its game. Over the last few years, this company has been giving very tough competition to Hawaii and ASUS. The much-needed improvement in the dell laptops we have seen battery life.

Dell XPS 13 Review -Details Guide

Dell XPS 13 Price and colors availability

The price Dell XPS 13 price in India is Rs 94,700 for the icore 5 version. Rs. 1,41,490 for the icore 17 variant (full HD display) and Rs. 1,59,790 for the core i7 variant (Ultra HD display). This laptop is available in three colors rose gold and alpine white color, black and copper variants.

Features of Dell XPS 13

Dell XPS 13 Display: The edges of this laptop has extended to glorious edges. And the bezels are implemented at the left side. The size of the dell laptop is finally squeezed from 13 inches to 11 inches. In addition, the new gorilla glass 6 panel has a 16:10 aspect ratio and 25% brighter than the previous model. The laser-cut XPS logo on the bottom of the chassis is an impressive touch.

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Dell XPS webcam

It comes with a 2.25 mm webcam, and the company took two years to design. The wide frame of this laptop allows co-workers and friends to do video calling effortlessly.

Dell XPS 13 Battery

According to the Dell report, the XPS battery is durable and lasted 10 hours running live streaming, and 9 hours on the mobile mark bench. It comes with a 52 WHr battery that allows you to work without battery anxiety.

dell xps 13 review

Dell XPS 13 Keyboard

The Dell XPS 13 comes with an island-style keyboard. That gives you a seamless experience when you write input. When you keep your fingers on the keyboard, you will feel that you are typing on the soft and maglev keyboard.

Dell XPS 13 Outlook

The Dell XPS 13 speak to the idealization formula that was so acceptable to such extend that is caused other laptop manufacturer to go back to the designing board. The display is brighter and bigger, and the keyboard keys are larger and smooth, and you will get more speed and more battery life for sure.

We wish Dell would shake things up by offering more choices in colors, and 94,000 is large to pay for i3 core processor. But, in general, the Dell XPS 13 is an ideal option for the people who have battery anxiety and want to spend more than 8 hours on the laptop for office related work.


Litter, sleeker, and sporting the most modest bezels on all sides, the new Dell 13 XPS tells that Dell still knows the best way to drive the envelope without going excessively so for. The new laptop is an exercise of advanced technology, patient restraint, improving the journal, processor, battery life that add a big leap to this model. If you are looking for a laptop that looks eye-appealing and enables you to work throughout 9 hours on a single charging, then Dell XPS 13 is for you.

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