Cannot Connect Fire TV Stick To Wi-Fi – Fixed

cannot connect fire tv stick to wi-fi

Fix Cannot Connect Fire TV Stick to Wi-Fi: Amazon Fire TV Stick is an amazing gadget for streaming videos, movies, music etc. You can easily plug it into your TV’s HDMI port and access your media anywhere any time. Basically Amazon Fire TV Stick allows you to watch TV Shows, Movies, Listen Music, Access Photos and games. It is compact and quite simple to set up and use. But sometimes you might experience some connectivity issues with your Fire TV Stick.

While going through Amazon help centre we came to know that lot of Fire TV Stick users are facing difficulty while connecting TV Stick to Wi-Fi. There are lot of reasons behind the issue i.e. Cannot Connect Fire TV Stick to Wi-Fi. But don’t you need to worry because with some troubleshooting steps you can find the root cause for the issue. In this article How to Fix Cannot Connect Fire TV Stick to Wi-Fi, we came up with some quick fixes that will bring your Fire TV Stick online in no time.

cannot connect fire tv stick to wi-fi

Cannot Connect Fire TV Stick To Wi-Fi – Fixed

Before jumping to any of the solution discussed below we would like you to do a high level analysis. Have a deeper look to your setup something might be blocking your connection. Sometimes low network connection could be one possible reason for this issue. If you find everything is correct then go ahead with the article.

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Restart Fire TV Stick

Most of the times this simple tweak help in connecting Fire TV Stick to Wi-Fi. Basically there are two simple ways to restart your Fire TV Stick one is physical while other is through remote.

Physical Restart: Simply unplug your Fire Stick from the device and wait for a while after few minutes plug it back. Your Fire Stick should be back online after few seconds of plugging it back in.

Remote Restart: This is more convenient way of restarting your Fire TV Stick. Again here we have two ways to restart through remote. Hold down the play/pause button along with select button and wait until device restarts. Alternatively, you can go to Settings >> Device >> Restart.

Check Your Wi-Fi Network

If above method didn’t helped in connecting your Fire TV Stick to Wi-Fi then there is possibility that issues lies in your internet connection. You can use the in-built tool to check network status by pressing Settings >> Network >> Play/Pause button. Follow the steps below to fix fire stick won’t connect to Wi-Fi.

Restart Modem or Router

This is another one of the basis tricks to fix fire stick won’t connect to Wi-Fi. Seriously a simple restart is a great way establishes the connection between TV Stick and Wi-Fi.

To restart modem or router first turn off the modem using power button and wait for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, turn the modem back on and wait until connection is established. Then reconnect the Fire TV Stick to your Wi-Fi it will mostly fix the issue.

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Forget Your Wi-Fi Network

Forgetting and connecting the same network again also helps in solving won’t connect fire stick to Wi-Fi issue. To do so follow the steps given below:

First of all go to Settings using Fire Stick remote and then select Network Option.

Now try to select the network for which you won’t able to establishing the connection between fire stick and Wi-Fi. Then press the Menu button for more options by using the three horizontal lines icon.

After this choose the option to forget the network and confirm your choice by pressing the Select button.

Now again try to connect the same network from the list of networks available. You need to enter the login credentials and other necessary details to get connected. Hopefully after this your issue will be resolved and it’ll connect to Wi-Fi.

Password Problems

Wrong passwords could be one of the reasons for Cannot Connect Fire TV Stick to Wi-Fi. If this is case then you’ll get password error displayed on Fire TV Menu. If you feel that you’ve forgotten the password you may get it from some other device on same network.

Compatibility Issues

Fire TV device needs some certain network and modem specification to connect properly. Please find below the minimum network and router/modem specifications.

Network Specifications: Open, WEP, WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK encrypted networks

Router/Modem Specifications: B, G and N routers on 2.4 GHz and A, N and AC Router on 5 GHz.

If needed you can join your network using WPS Button or PIN on your router or modem. Select Settings >> Network from the Fire TV menu and choose the Join Using WPS Button or Join Using WPS PIN option.

These are some methods or tricks related to How to Fix Cannot Connect Fire TV Stick to Wi-Fi. If in case, you have some more solutions kindly share with us via comments. Suppose, you face some difficulty in any of the above mentioned step then do let us know we will try to fix ASAP.

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