Best PUBG Mobile Controllers

best PUBG mobile controllers
best PUBG mobile controllers

PUBG is a popular game that most youngsters are playing these days. People on loving the winner winner chicken dinner and spending most of their time while playing PUBG on their mobile phones. There is a constant and Rapid growth in the audience of PUBG, and the gamer is now making their skills better in playing PUBG. This article is about the best PUBG mobile controllers.

The intuitive design and the layout, along with the amazing graphics of the game, make this mobile game an amazing mobile game to play for hours. When you need to play PUBG at your full potential, you need to look for several different aspects. While one of them remains the controller Haunting the game. 

However, to play this mobile game, one needs to have a proper controller to ensure that he is playing at his maximum capacity and win the chicken dinner already. For better chances of winning, a high-quality mobile controller for playing PUBG is essential. Read more about the best PUBG mobile controllers below.

Buying Guide

What to consider when you are getting the best PUBG mobile controllers?

There are several aspects that you want to consider when you are planning to buy the PUBG mobile controllers. There are several different mobile controllers available in the market, and you can also find the joysticks, but how would you pick out the best option? We will tell you how to choose the PUBG mobile controllers out of the many options available.


The first thing when you are getting a mobile controller for playing PUBG is the compatibility of the controller. You have to be sure that the controller is perfectly capable of connecting to your mobile phone. Some of the mobile controllers might not be compatible with the other mobile models. Therefore, checking the compatibility before buying a particular mobile controller is essential. 


When you are talking about the quality of the PUBG mobile controllers, you have to check several aspects. You need to see if it is durable and easy to connect. Also, check if it is capable of providing you the perfect gameplay a just way you want. Check the buttons available on the PUBG mobile controllers and if they are compatible with the overall gameplay of PUBG.


Check the price as well. When you are getting a PUBG mobile controllers, you should not go super overboard with it. Get the PUBG mobile controllers that is of medium range. If you are fully skilled and have been playing PUBG on the controller for several years, then getting a high quality and top tier mobile PUBG mobile controllers is definitely a great option.

Can you easily play with the PUBG mobile controllers?

Yes, there is no issue in playing PUBG using the external controller. Neither you would be banned for using a controller for playing the PUBG mobile controllers. Some of the PUBG mobile controllers are specifically designed for playing PUBG on the mobile phone while using these controllers, and you can easily make your skills of gaming a lot better using these PUBG mobile controllers. However, if you are violating any of the policies of PUBG, then you might end up getting banned from playing. Other than that, there is no issue in using an external controller for playing PUBG on mobile phones.

Can you play PUBG using a mouse and keyboard?

Yes, if you are willing to use a mouse and keyboard to play PUBG on the mobile phone, then there is still no issue. You can easily use a suitable option for gaming. Also, you can find out some incredible gaming controllers that are optimized and integrated to be used with PUBG. You can give the PUBG mobile controllers a try to enhance your skills.

Does PUBG has an official controller support?

For all those memories which are planning to use the PUBG mobile controllers to play PUBG using the control, you should know that there is no official controller support by PUBG. However, there are integrated and Bluetooth enabled PUBG controllers is that are available for playing the game. You can use the buttons on the controller for playing; however, for mapping action, you would need to use your thumb. Connecting the PUBG mobile controllers to your mobile phone may not be as simple as connecting the controllers with the PlayStation. However, you can still try other alternatives, such as a physical controller shell to adjust the mobile controller.

They are secondary buttons on the PUBG mobile controllers that are integrated for working with the PUBG gameplay a. However, when you need to navigate around the map on the PUBG, you need to use your fingers to do the action. If you require PUBG mobile controllers for PUBG that immensely minimizes that touch controls on PUBG, you can definitely find out from the huge collection of PUBG mobile controllers for PUBG. And with that you would require to do some research.

Top 5 PUBG Mobile Controllers

To minimize the touch control and make the gameplay easy, we have combined and list of 5 top and best quality PUBG mobile controllers. These PUBG mobile controllers are not only high quality but also perfect use while playing the game.

1. COOBILE Mobile Game Controller for PUBG

COOBILE has brought you the perfect 3-in-1 mobile game controller. This controller is perfect for PUBG Mobile. It combines game triggers, gamepads, and the mobile holder in one device. The mobile holder helps you to have a firm grip on your phone while playing. The game triggers are the buttons used to play PUBG mobile. The gamepads are provided so that you can hold your phone in both hands while playing the game. This COOBILE mobile game controller is compatible with 4 to 6.5 inches size of mobile phones. This controller allows the maximum width of 3.35 inches of mobile phones. This controller can be used for PUBG Mobile, Survivor Royale, Rules of Survival, critical ops, etc. 

One of the best features of this COOBILE mobile game controller is that the game triggers can be flipped up to 180 degrees, which helps you to set up and operate your game easily. This feature highlights this product from the other products in the market. The weight of this mobile controller is 3.98 ounces, that is considered as lightweight and easy to hold. It also allows you to use four fingers at the same time. Also, you can fire while running in PUBG, which makes you faster than the enemy. 


  • This controller has a Comfortable handle, and it is perfect for long term games.
  • It is easy-to-use and Lightweight.
  • Game triggers can be flipped.
  • It is compatible with various mobile games.
  • It has a Bigger battery and provides Easy-grip. 


  • It cannot be used for large-sized mobiles. 

2. Mobile Game Controller [Upgrade Version] Mobile Gaming Trigger

This mobile controller is one of the best mobile game controllers out there in the market. It is a 4-in-1 mobile gaming controller that includes gaming triggers, gamepad, an emergency power bank, and a phone cooling fan. The gamepad is given so that you can use both hands while playing the game. The gaming triggers helps you play and control all your movements. 

The most prominent and important feature of this controller is that it has a phone cooling fan with a powerful heat dissipation function. This feature prevents the mobile phones from overheating, that is caused by long time use of the mobile phone. This phone cooling fan also prolongs the life of the phone as well as the battery. 

Moreover, it has a built-in power bank with a 2000 mAh battery. Now you don’t have to worry about the battery while enjoying the game. It is also capable of charging while cooling the mobile phone. This mobile game controller is compatible with android phones and iPhones. This controller can be used for PUBG, Knives Out, Fortnite, Survivor Royale, The Rules of Survival, critical Ops, Battle Royale, etc. it is suitable for all the models of mobile phones that have a size from 4 to 6.5 inches.  


  • It is durable and lightweight.
  • This controller is easy-to-use.
  • It comes with a cooling fan and a comfortable handle.
  • It comes with a built-in power bank.
  • The Great quality of the controller makes it perfect for long time gaming.
  • It Supports many mobile games.


  • May does not support the large size of mobile phones.

3. IFYOO Z108 Mobile Gaming Controller

IFYOO Mobile gaming controller is specially designed for mobile gaming, and it has a unique clip design that provides support, long-lasting elasticity, and it also protects the screen from scratches. The plastic used to make this controller is durable, and it is designed in such a way that it reduces the use of the screen, and it also avoids the occlusion of the map and the camera during the game. Moreover, the design of this controller prevents the accidental pressing of the mobile’s side buttons. The sleek shape of the controller occupies less screen so that the fluency of the game is not disturbed. 

This mobile gaming controller is compatible with Android phones and an iPhone that has a size of 4-6.5 inches. The most important feature of this IFYOO controller is that it can be used with a phone case and a screen protector. IFYOO Mobile gaming controller allows you to play PUBG Mobile, Knives Out, Fortnite Mobile, Call of Duty, and the other mobile shooting games. The mobile gaming controller lets you use two fingers at the same time. This controller has a weight of 0.704 ounces that helps you to have a great grip on your mobile phone while playing the game. 


  • This controller is easy-to-use and reduces the use of the screen.
  • It is compatible with many mobile shooting games and comfortable to use. 
  • This PUBG controller is made from durable plastic.
  • This mobile controller can be used with a phone case and screen protector.


  • Doesn’t have many features as compared to other mobile gaming controllers

4. PUBG Mobile Controller

This mobile controller is made with capacitance mapping technology that simulates the human hand’s touch and sends a capacitive signal. You can use your index finger to press the L1 R1 triggers, and it helps you aiming and shooting while playing the games. This controller has an adjustable 4-speed Auto Fire that offers a speed of 8/16/24/32 shots per second. This auto rapid-fire feature improves the fire precision of the game. You only need a simple press to improve the shooting. The body of this mobile gaming controller is fixed in place by the contact points made of rubber pads which prevent the phone from sliding. It is designed in such a way that it prevents accidental pressing of the mobile’s side buttons such as the volume and power button. This controller allows you to use four fingers at the same time, which is more comfortable than the usual controllers.

It comes with a built-in battery pack of 2000 mAh, which takes 1-2 hours for recharging and has a playtime of 10 hours. This mobile gaming controller supports 4.5-6.7 inches of iPhone and Android phones. It is compatible with various FPS mobile games like Fortnite Mobile, PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty, Free Fire, Rules of Survival, CrossFire, Pixel Gun 3D, Guns Royale, etc. The weight of this product is 2.65 ounces.


  • This mobile controller is highly durable and provides easy-grip.
  • It allows us to use four fingers at the same time.
  • This mobile controller is compatible with many FPS mobile games.
  • It comes with a built-in battery.
  • Great quality product, and it is a Comfortable ergonomic controller.


  • It doesn’t have a mobile cooling fan.

5. Mobile Game Controller For iPad/Tablets

This is an H11 gamepad controller with an aim key and L1R1 shooting. It has six fingers control so that you can aim, shoot, run, move, and turn simultaneously, which eliminates the troubles that are caused by using thumb only. This mobile controller is specially designed for iPads and Tablets. The material used to make this controller is ABS and Zinc alloy. The weight of this product is 0.39lb. This game controller can also be used as an iPad or Tablet stand while watching a video, a movie, video recording, video calls, and hands-free tablet operations. This mobile game controller for iPad/ Tablet is compatible with many FPS mobile games like PUBG Mobile, Rules of Survival, Knives Out, Fortnite Mobile, CrossFire, Survival Royale, etc. 


  • It is compatible with many FPS mobile games.
  • This controller is specially made for iPad and Tablets.
  • It is lightweight and has easy-grip.
  • It can be used as a tablet holder.
  • This controller is comfortable and highly durable.
  • The great value of money also it is Easy-to-use.


  • It can be used with tablets or iPads only.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have checked the five best PUBG mobile controllers, you can finally decide which one of these is the most perfect and appropriate option. PUBG is a game that requires focus and attention, and you cannot play it without a high-quality controller for the mobile phone. 

You might think that mobile controllers not necessary for a mobile game, but if you want to increase the Giving skill, you would definitely want this controller. Moreover, you would definitely want to win more chicken dinner by and having your skillset using the mobile controller. And the Gamers would definitely not want to miss this opportunity. Check out the list above of the best controllers for PUBG mobile and pick out the most appropriate option. Check the buying guide before you finally purchase a PUBG mobile controller. Lastly, take a look at our other tips, tricks and reviews at

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