Best Gaming Keyboards for 2020

best gaming keyboards

If you’re looking for the best gaming keyboard to play video games, we will add the top 7 best gaming keyboards of 2020. Having the best gaming keyboard allows you to get your best and make a difference when it comes to gaming. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional or an occasional player.

If you’re playing role-playing or shooting video games, the fact is that having mechanical switches, high-quality keys, RGB lighting, offers a wide range of advantages when compared to a traditional keyboard.

Of course, the design of these gaming keyboards is also very attractive and can complement any computer’s look. To maintain stability, we also include the best cheap gaming keyboards, and for those people that have broad budgets, we also add keyboards that are chosen by professional players.

List of 7 Best Gaming Keyboards

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Mechanical Gaming KeyboardWiredMechanical
SteelSeries Apex Pro Mechanical Gaming KeyboardWiredMechanical
Razer BlackWidow Elite Mechanical Gaming KeyboardWiredMechanical
Corsair K63 Wireless Mechanical Gaming KeyboardWirelessMechanical
Logitech G PRO Mechanical Gaming KeyboardWiredMechanical
Redragon K556 RGB Mechanical Gaming KeyboardWiredMechanical
HyperX Alloy Pro Mechanical Gaming KeyboardWiredMechanical

1. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

If you’re looking for the perfect combination of design, quality, and performance, the Corsair K95 is the best gaming keyboard of 2020.

It is built with high-quality materials that guarantee a long service life, with more than 50 million pulsations. The keyboard surface is brushed aluminum, and each switch has an individual LED spotlight to make the light distribution uniform.

The G keys are arranged in a line, and each has a different texture, making them easily identifiable. Cherry MX Speed switches are quieter and more sensitive than the vast majority of switches we see on equivalently priced keyboards.

Also, the Corsair K95 is one of the most demanded gaming keyboards among professional gamers. 

Aluminum buildRubber palm
32-Bit Cortex Processor
Cherry MX switches
USB pass-through port

2. SteelSeries Apex Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The SteelSeries OLED RGB represents a technological breakthrough, not only in mechanical keyboards but also in offering incredible aesthetics and ultra-fast pulsations. It features hybrid mechanical switches and a smart OLED display that allows us to customize it with GIFs, game information, Discord messages, and a wide range of possibilities.

The aluminum alloy frame offers great durability and strength, as well as facilitating tedious cleaning tasks. The feature that surprised me the most about this keyboard is that it has dynamic RGB lighting per key, with very attractive color schemes and individual recreational effects.

In addition to being the best mechanical gaming keyboard, it is also designed to write for long periods, offering great comfort with its magnetic wrist rest. In conclusion, if you’re looking for the fastest-selling mechanical gaming keyboard on the market and good value for money, the SteelSeries OLED is one of the best alternatives.

Adjustable keysHigh price
RGB lighting
Aluminum build
USB pass-through

3. Razer Blackwidow Elite Keyboard

The Razer Blackwidow Elite Keyboard is one of the best price-quality gaming keyboards of 2020. This has the most durable mechanical switches on the market and has a fully programmable multifunction dial. Razer’s mechanical switches feature drive points optimized for ultra-fast commands and ensure better stability and protection against dust.

The multifunction digital dial comes with dedicated multimedia controls. It offers a myriad of possibilities, allowing you to control all the functionalities with 3 touch keys regarding the keys. These are 100% customizable with the possibility to choose from a wide range of lighting effects and have guaranteed durability of 80 million keystrokes (each key).

The Razer Blackwidow Elite comes with an ergonomic magnetic wrist rest made with synthetic leather that will give you maximum comfort and allow you to play for several hours without getting your arms tired. All these advanced features make it one of the best price-quality gaming keyboard today.

Solid MaterialNot USB 3.0
Removable hand rest
Razer Green Switches
Durable Body

4. Corsair K63 Mechanical Keyboard

The Corsair K63 is a mechanical wireless keyboard with a 1ms and 2.4 GHz response time that will give you optimal performance with its ultra-fast connection. It comes with 100% Cherry MX Red mechanical switches, and you can fully customize the backlight of the keys individually.

It’s the best wireless gaming keyboard for two simple reasons: the first is that it has 128-bit AES encryption to avoid interference and achieve good wireless security. The second is that the battery has a maximum duration of 15 hours, offering almost twice as long as competitors in the same price range.

The feature I liked the most is that it also offers a hybrid interface. You can connect it via a USB cable to play uninterrupted and extend the user experience. In conclusion, if you’re looking for a compact wireless gaming keyboard with outstanding overall performance, the Corsair K63 is the best wireless gaming keyboard.

Solid connectionFlimsy palmrest clips
Cherry MX keyboard
Wireless model
Fully single-color backlit

5. Logitech G Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Logitech is widely known to be one of the leading brands in the video game industry and the most demanded among professional players because all the peripherals they manufacture are extremely high. The Logitech G Pro Keyboard is the new proposal with which this company has wanted to surprise the world, and wow, they’ve done it!

It comes with sound-click GX Blue switches that ensure solid, accurate and durable keystrokes. The customizable RGB Lightsync lighting and built-in memory allows you to adjust colors to your liking and store a lighting pattern for competitions.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for the best Logitech gaming keyboard because you already have other peripherals from the same company and want compatibility, or if you’re just looking for one of today’s most advanced gaming keyboards, Logitech G Pro represents an alternative with unbeatable price-quality.

Small & LightweightHigh price
sleek Design
Detachable cord
Durable Build

6. Redragon 5556 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

If you’re looking for the best customizable keyboard without compromising the most advanced mechanical keyboards, then the Redragon K556 RGB is one of the best alternatives. This new version has been completely redesigned with more durable materials and the most modern customizable panel today.

You can adjust the intensity and brightness of the LED lights to your liking or choose 6 preset colors. You can also choose between a vibrant effect or having the keys automatically change color. The Redragon K556 comes with the sonic Clicky Blue switches with an estimated lifespan of 50 million keystrokes, with quite sensitive pressure and fast response time.

The ergonomic design with matte finishes and laser engraving gives it an impressive look. It also comes with a comfortable gel wrist rest that will allow you to play uninterrupted for long periods.

From my experience trying it out for several months and matching the opinion of other industry experts, I can say with certainty that the Redragon K556 is one of the best customizable gaming keyboards of 2020 (not to mention the best).

Aluminum designNo onboard storage
Mechanical switches
Spare switches included

7. HyperX Alloy Pro

The HyperX Alloy Pro is the best-selling keyboard on Amazon and one of the best rated by experts and users. Its success is based on its being a cheap keyboard that is almost as capable as the more expensive keyboard gaming. The anti-ghosting function and N-key rollover are only usually seen on high-end keyboards. It allows us to press multiple keys simultaneously and avoid null presses.

It has a minimalist Tenkeyless design optimized for professional players looking for portability to take it to games easily. The solid steel structure and backlit Cherry MX Red mechanical keys with dynamic light effects ensure durability, with over 50 million keystrokes.

In conclusion, if it’s your first time buying a mechanical keyboard, the HyperX Alloy Pro is made for you. On the other hand, if you are in full transition to a more advanced mechanical keyboard or have a large budget, in this article, we have better alternatives.

Sleek designLimited customization
Cherry MX switches
Detachable cord
No external software

Shopping Guide: How to choose best gaming Keyboard

If you want to buy a keyboard specially designed for gamers, it is crucial to understand the elements to consider when you search. That’s why here we list important points below that you should take into account before buying the gaming keyboard.

Also, keep in mind that your keyboard will not only be intended for gaming use. If you’re used to using your computer for other activities, whether reading media, surfing on your favorite sites, or processing, these criteria will also have to be considered in your search.

Format of the keyboard (Full or TKL)

One of the first things to consider before you start your research is its layout and overall ergonomics. There are currently two main formats:

  • Full keyboards: These are the most common models and the most imposing since they incorporate a complete digital pad. Aimed at sedentary use, it is usually on these that we find additional keys to allow for more shortcuts.
  • TKL(Ten Key Less): TKL gaming keyboards do not have a digital pad. Therefore, their size is considerably reduced, and it becomes much easier to transport them, especially during the various competitions. If the absence of these keys is not necessarily handicapping, depending on the game, it may be more problematic if you are also used to using your keyboard for more conventional tasks.

Finally, note that some manufacturers offer versatile models, whose digital pad can be detached and sometimes even repositioned on the left side. 

Keyboard Switches

Once you’ve decided on your format, the second (and probably the most important) criterion to consider in your research is the switches used on your keyboard. There are four large families:

  1. Membrane keyboards

 Keyboards opting for membrane keys are generally the most affordable on the market. They have the advantage of being quite quiet and therefore fit perfectly with a computer placed in a living room (stay for example). They meet quite limited needs in terms of responsiveness and accuracy and are therefore only recommended for the less picky players. However, many models provide additional features that can improve your playing conditions.

  1. Mechanical keyboards

Mostly used by pro gamers, keyboards with mechanical switches have become widely democratized in recent years, and more and more players are turning to these models. Rarely below 100 degrees, are mechanical keyboards distinguished by a much better typing quality, offering both responsiveness and precision.

There is a lot to say about this technology, because each manufacturer can offer different mechanical switches, each offering a feeling and a rather distinct striking quality. Thus, depending on the switches, we can get activation more or less linear, more or less fast, and with a tactile return or not. In practice, there are no real mechanical switches specifically for games, and each player will have to choose according to his preferences.

In addition to their responsiveness, mechanical keyboards also have the advantage of being often much more robust than conventional models. They are, however, much noisier, and this is a point to consider if you are used to playing with people around you.

  1. Switches with Chiclets

These switches are most common on laptop keyboards, but they are also found on some wired models such as the Razer DeathStalker. They have much flatter and particularly quiet keys, but the responsiveness is not at the level of mechanical switches. For gaming, this is clearly not the best solution.

  1. Hybrid switches

Hybrid switches are placed halfway between the membrane and mechanical keyboards. The objective here is to regain the comfort and discretion found on a membrane keyboard while getting closer to the efficiency of a mechanical model.


When playing, it’s not uncommon to have to combine multiple keys simultaneously on your keyboard. Taking the simple example of an FPS, for example, you can move forward with the Z button while sprinting with the Shift button and finally sending a grenade with the Ekey. On a conventional keyboard, a Ghosting problem may appear and prevent the controller from recording all the keys operated simultaneously.

Key Roll Over

The other concept to consider is the KRO (for Key Roll Over)and characterizes the number of keys that can be operated simultaneously. Indeed, while ghosting problems are usually related to nearby key blocks, it remains essential to activate and record an X number of simultaneous keys on its keyboard. That’s where this notion of KRO comes in. At a minimum, focus on models that can memorize up to 6 entries, 6KRO- Some models go much further and can validate more than fifteen keys.

Programmable keys

Many gaming keyboards have additional keys where you can assign additional actions or even multiple-key sequences (macros). These gaming keys are usually positioned on the left side of the keyboard, and sometimes above the function keys.

Most of the time, there’s a single row of 5 to 6 extra keys, but some keyboards for MMORPG players go even further by offering up to 18 additional keys(Corsair K95 RGB, for example)! It’s easy to manage his many spells and skills with his fingertips without necessarily going through his mouse.


In recent years, backlighting has been in vogue on the majority of devices for players. This fashion largely impacts the keyboards, and after the lighting, once fixed and a little dull, we can now have complete backlights, perfectly bright and above all fully customizable.

Again, these options are managed from the software accompanying the keyboard, and it becomes possible to play with the brightness of the lighting and choose its color or its various effects. On some products stamped “RGB,” it is possible to set up fully customizable effects and to choose different lighting for each key of the keyboard. 

Design and look

Before buying any gaming keyboard, it is also necessary to consider the design of the keyboard. The design decision is based on your preferences and the rest of your configuration, but keep in mind that this is not the first criterion to consider when searching. Keyboards with a particularly advanced gamer’s aspect is rarely the best performers. 


I hope you like this article about the best gaming keyboards because here we review those keyboards that are dedicated to games. The models shown above have the best technology available to ensure responsive keys and all the resources you need to improve your gaming experience.

We hope you enjoyed reading, and we think you’ll be satisfied, no matter which keyboard you decide to for your personal collection. If you like this article, then also share it with your gamer friends. Explore our other tips, tricks and reviews at

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