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Android Pie 9 Features and Update: Most you might be aware that latest version of Android is officially released and named as Android Pie. Previously Google releases its beta version four months ago but now they officially released its stable version Android 9. As of now update is only available for Google Pixel users but in few months others will also get this Android Pie 9.

There are lots of features coming through Android Pie aka Android 9 like battery adaptation, adaptive brightness, Apps actions etc. But don’t expect all these features at a same time by November end you will be getting all these features. Android 9 Pie is the most ambitious project of Google. In this Google aims for the best Android experience by learning from its users and adapting to their usage patterns.

We got some news that after Google Pixel Android 9 Pie will be released for OnePlus 6, Nokia 8 Sirocco, Nokia 7 Plus, Sony Xperia XZ2 and Vivo X21. It was quite obvious that Google owned Pixels so update will be first releases for Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel and Pixel XL. As per our news other phones will be getting Android 9 update at the end of November.

Once they will get the update then only they can officially enjoy Android Pie 9 Features otherwise they have to download it from un-trusted sources. Read more about Android Pie 9 features below:

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Google’s latest Android 9 Pie Features are so many but most attractive are UI Changes and AI through adaptive settings. This time Google very good work with Artificial Intelligence they provided some adaptive settings. Adaptive settings means it will adjust automatically based on your usage and other conditions. We will discuss some more Android 9 Pie features along with these two below in this article hopefully you will like that.


Android Pie 9 Features And Updates

Adaptive Brightness

Adaptive Brightness feature is already there but Google think it’s not good enough. So it is giving phone makers more efficient way to calibrate phone screen brightness based on environment. This is a great Android Pie 9 feature.

This time Google calls this Adaptive Brightness and claims that 50% of users have stopped manually adjusting the brightness. Now Google Pixel users can confirm whether this adaptive brightness is helping them or not.

Adaptive Battery

Android Pie has been designed to give you a more consistent battery life using machine learning. By using concept of machine learning Android figures out which app you’ll use in next few hours. This way Google ensures Adaptive Battery which means your phone will spend battery for only those apps which you uses. As per reports Android Pie 9 will save 30% of your battery life.

App Actions

It is basically a prediction tool which uses your phone history. So App action will predict what you’ll do next so you get your task more quickly. Suppose you plug in your earphones and daily listening to songs. Here comes App actions, which will show the playlist in front which you were listening earlier. This way Android Pie 9 is reading your mind and help in finishing your tasks fast.

Background Restrictions

Using Android Pie you can restrict certain apps that uses too much of battery. In Settings you will get recommendations to restrict such apps. This way you are having more control over your phone battery. These restrictions is pretty unique with Android Pie 9.

App Slice

Slice is using one app from within another app when you need it. Using one app from another means, suppose you type Uber in Google Search you will see a small Uber preview. In this preview you price and time for a trip to your work or home below the Google Search suggestions. Basically, it shows relevant part of your favourite apps to the surface with Android Pie 9.

App Limits

This feature let you set time limit on your apps to say 15 minutes or 30 minutes. You will be notified when assigned time is about to over. Basically this App Limits is to check your app usage.

Sound Delay Reporting

You might have noticed sometimes there is a lag in your video and sound. So this interesting feature that offers support for headsets with sound delay reporting. With this sound delay feature audio on your headset and video on your device will always be in sync.

Notch Settings

You will find this in almost every new Android or iOS devices. It allows you to adjust display cut offs means you can decide the available screen size as per your requirement. This is also one of the amazing Android Pie 9 feature.

Manage Notifications

As the name suggest manage notification allows you to receive notifications for the apps which matters for you. You can quickly turn off notification for a range of apps with Android Pie 9. This way your phone will not disturb you again and again you can receive important notifications only.

Gesture Navigation

This is another important Android Pie 9 feature. Seriously it improves UI like anything you will get lot of changes with gesture navigation. Switching between apps becomes easier, App drawers, recent apps, predictive app and lot of things are there under gesture control.

Digital Wellbeing

This is the major highlight of Android Pie 9 features. However the feature is not rolled out yet but sooner Android Pie users will get it. It is basically an initiative from Google to help track your phone usage. This comes with a dashboard which is having the full detail like for how long you are using your device, which App you are most etc. There are other improvements also in Do Not Disturb or in silent mode.

These are some important Android Pie 9 features and updates. Google Pixel users can comment more on this topic as they are the first one who is getting update. If you have anything interest about Android Pie 9 features and update please do share with us via comments. Read another article about Android Pie 9 or more tips at

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