Amazon Echo Dot vs Google Home Mini | Which one to Buy?

amazon echo dot vs google home mini

Amazon Echo Dot vs Google Home Mini: Are you planning to bring on a cool smart home assistant to your home? In such a case, you must be confused between the Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home Mini. These are the only two relevant players in the market of smart speakers or smart assistants. We ran a number of tests on both the Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home Mini to evaluate these on different aspects. We will be sharing our analysis in this article to help you decide between the Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home Mini. So, follow along.

amazon echo dot vs google home mini

NOTE: Please note that in this article, we are talking about the new Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation) and Google Home Mini. We are not comparing the previous version of Amazon Echo Dot and you should also evaluate accordingly.

When comparing any two gadgets, the price is always a very important factor. However, in these two devices, this is not the case because both the devices will cost you almost the same. While Amazon Echo Dot costs $50, you can bag Google Home Mini for $49. I don’t think if $1 will be a concern for any user who is looking to purchase any of these devices.

Amazon Echo Dot vs Google Home Mini: Who is the Winner?

Let the analysis begin. Here, we will be sharing the comparison between the two devices and then we will finally come up with the winner at the end.

Amazon Echo Dot vs Google Home Mini: Sound Quality

amazon echo dot vs google home mini

We played the exact same song on both the devices with exactly the same volume range. Please find our analysis below:

  • Amazon Echo Dot has more bass and louder sound as compared to Google Home Mini’s sound, which is slightly quiet and has less bass.
  • When the volume was turned to maximum in both the devices, Amazon Echo Dot stands out and easily outperforms Google Home Mini.

So, Amazon Echo Dot is the clear winner in terms of Sound Quality.

Amazon Echo Dot vs Google Home Mini: Specifications

The Amazon Echo Dot has seven far-field microphones whereas Google Home Mini has only two far-field microphones. 

Amazon Echo Dot has advanced Bluetooth audio support and also comes up with 3.5mm audio Jack. Google Home Mini, on the other hand, does not have a 3.5mm audio jack.

So, once again, Amazon Echo Dot is a clear winner by a great margin in terms of specification.

Amazon Echo Dot vs Google Home Mini: Appearance and Design

amazon echo dot vs google home mini

Google has always been on the top when it comes to designing and aesthetics. Fortunately, Google Home Mini is no different. Though the design of both the Amazon Echo Dot and the Google Home Mini is comparable, the latter is slightly better than the former.

Google has given a very different look to its define making it look distinct than the regular tech gadgets. Amazon Echo Dot 3rd generation, on the other hand, is somewhat similar to its previous version.

So, this time, Google Home Mini steals the show and we consider it better than Amazon Echo Dot in terms of design and appearance.

Amazon Echo Dot vs Google Home Mini: Ease of Use

Not everyone is tech savvy. I was planning to purchase either of the devices for my father who is not much proficient in using such gadgets. So, I personally consider ease of use a very major factor while reviewing any of the gadgets.

Both the devices are comparable and work very well in picking up voice commands. However, Echo Dot’s design with physical buttons for volume, mic muting, and triggering Alexa on top of the device gives it a slight Edge over Google Home Mini.

Thus, Amazon Echo Dot is once again a winner.

Amazon Echo Dot vs Google Home Mini: Digital Assistant

When you talk about these devices, these are not just smart speakers. Rather, they are smart assistants as well. While Amazon Echo Dot runs Alexa behind the scenes, Google Home Mini makes use of famous Google Assistant that you usually use in your Android phones.

If you want to use the device for ordering stuff online, go for Amazon Echo Dot. However, if you are looking for general voice commands, Google Home Mini should be your choice.

Also, Google Home Mini is better in understanding complex queries. You can give multiple commands to Google Home Mini and it will respond to it very well. However, you will have to give one command at a time to Amazon Echo Dot. It cannot handle multiple commands at the same time.

So, clearly, Google Home Mini is a winner here.

Final Conclusion: Who is the Winner?

After comparing Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home Mini on multiple factors such as sound quality, design, specifications, hardware, ease of use, and digital assistant, we have come up with a conclusion that Amazon Echo Dot is the winner. Having said that, Google Home Mini also gives a very strong competition and worth purchasing. Learn more at

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