Add Or Edit Outlook Signature In Web, Desktop And Phone

add or edit outlook signature

How to Add or Edit Outlook Signature : Outlook is one of the most popular email services available. It is widely used in offices for official purpose it is very rarely that I have seen any other service in offices other than Outlook. Outlook supports almost everything like attachments, signatures, meeting invites, plain text, stylish text and many more.

You can use Outlook in Web, Desktop and even in phones. There is official outlook app is available for Windows, Mac and iOS. It is very light weighted and organized app and you can surely use. If you are already your Outlook account on App or Web then also you can easily add or edit outlook signature directly.

Now coming to Signature in Outlook, you can create one or more personalized signature for your email messages. It will be automatically added to all outgoing mails there is no need to type it separately every time. You can include text, images, business card, logo or handwritten signature also in your outlook signature. Now if you are thinking how to add or edit outlook signature go ahead and clear your doubts.

Adding or editing signature in outlook is very easy and you can add or edit outlook signature via web, desktop or phone. Below we have discussed everything you can go to your section by which medium you are editing or adding signature and get your issue resolved.

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Add Or Edit Outlook Signature In Web, Desktop And Phone

Add or Edit Outlook Signature Via Web

  • Open Outlook with you account logged in
  • Then go to Settings, scroll down until you see View All Outlook Settings
  • Now click on “Compose and Reply” to open Signature Panel
  • Then simply add or edit your outlook signature and styling options are also there like images, link and others Once you are done click on “Save” and enjoying sending emails like a Pro.

Add or Edit Outlook Signature Via Desktop

Signature method in desktop is quite similar to web version. You can use templates from mail signature or default signature, it’s up to you. There is no need to navigate to anything for creating signature simply go to “Tell me what to do” feature. Here simply type Signature and it will take you to signature page.

add or edit outlook signature

After this you just need to tap on new signature and other options like add image, change font, add link and many other options will enable for you. Based on your choice and convenience you can add these options to your signature.

Add or Edit Outlook Signature Via Phone

This is also very simply just few steps and you are done. But there is a limitation in adding a signature via phone. You are not allowed to add images or any other social media links to your signature.

  • First of all login to your Outlook Account
  • After successful login go to Settings >> Email Signature
add or edit outlook signature
  • Now you will have two options “Use my signature from outlook on the web” and “Use a different signature”
add or edit outlook signature
  • Select anyone of them based on your choice and don’t forgot to check “Include a signature” option

Then press Done and you signature will be saved and automatically included in your emails going forward.

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