Acer Swift 7 SF714-52T Review – Slim and Light at a fat price

Acer Swift 7 SF714-52T Review

Have you ever wondered how thin and light can a fully functional laptop be? Well, let’s say hello to the Acer Swift 7 SF714-52T which weighs just 890g and is the thinnest option currently available in the market at just 9.95mm! It is hard to believe how Acer has transformed itself and made a laptop with a 14-inch screen size at a weight lesser than some of the magazines. Due to the incredible amount of engineering and innovation which has made this unbelievable feat achievable, this notebook surely stands out than the competition and has earned several awards over the world.

In India, however, the Acer Swift 7 comes with a fat price bracket which is a whopping Rs. 1,39,990 which is definitely hard to afford. Are you looking for a way to relieve the back pain and ditch the extra weight of your laptops and still maintain a style statement? Does this give a well enough performance for the price range? Let’s find out more in our review of Acer Swift 7 SF714-52T.

Acer Swift 7 SF714-52T Review


We were in serious doubt that being the thinnest laptop in the market, does it have a fragile built factor? But thankfully Acer has utilized technology in smart ways and made this notebook with magnesium-lithium and magnesium-aluminum alloys which give it strength without making it heavy. The Acer Swift 7 color options are only two which are black and white.

We reviewed the black unit which has an elegant matte finish. The design has been kept minimal and the lid and lower half are made of metal. The glossy, touch-enabled, 14-inch screen consumes the entire surface and has thin borders all around. The main attraction is the screen which has been fitted into such a small laptop.

As there is literally no space for a webcam above the screen, it has been shifted on the keyboard deck below with a smart pop-up module. There is the power button placed comfortably on the left side of the keyboard. The keyboard of Acer Swift 7 is much better than that of the MacBooks and is equipped with a decent click and backlight.

The touchpad is short but awkwardly wide but it works perfectly without any noticeable problems. The webcam is disappointing as it gives you the view of your neck and nothing else and it creates a lot of problems as the angle is not adjustable. The image quality is quite low and the plastic pop-up mechanism doesn’t offer a premium feel.

Connectivity options are limited due to the extremely thin size. There are only one headphone jack and two thunderbolt connectors among which one is used for power. Acer tries hard to erase the disappointment by providing a dongle which expands to again USB Type-C, as well as a USB Type-A port and an HDMI connector. The 45w charger is very small and light and charges up the unit fast enough.

Specifications under the hood

With the slim and sleek design, Acer has compromised with the powerhouse and has chosen Intel’s lowest offerings, the Y-series chipset. The reason behind choosing these processors is that they can run without a fan and have a mere 5W TDP rating for heat dissipation.

Acer Swift 7 is equipped with the top model from the 8th Gen Amber Lake-Y series, which is the Core i7-8500Y which is only a dual-core CPU with 1.5GHz base speed and a turbo speed of 4.2GHz. For the graphics section the Swift 7 packs Intel UHD Graphics 615 GPU while it may sound good but users won’t get the HDR 4K screen on this one which other premium laptops do offer.

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The ram offered is 8GB but such a fat price range should have offered 16GB by default. Despite the 512GB SSD, Acer should have kept the doors open for further upgradation. The 31.9Wh battery provides 11.5 hours of runtime but the device lacks any card slot.


The Core i7 lacks punch and runs of low power and fails to handle heavy loads. There is some noticeable sluggishness in basic actions and apps did take a longer loading time than expected but for the day-to-day task it isn’t that much noticeable. We did some tests to give you a complete review of Acer Swift 7 SF714-52T and found that it took more than 10 minutes to compress a 3.24 GB folder which is double the time taken by a standard budget laptop.

Final Verdict

You may have been reading this to get answers for your questions like is it worthy enough to spend this enormous amount of Rs. 1,39,990? We would suggest that it is not a smart choice to spend such a huge amount for this. You may feel the extreme thing and lightweight is eye-catching but is it actually what you are looking for to spend so much? There are various smarter choices like Dell XPS 13, HP Spectre x360 13 which are smarter alternatives.


  • Extremely light
  • Stunning Looks
  • Sturdy metal body
  • Good battery life


  • Poor webcam
  • Low power processor
  • No room for further upgrades

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