IGTV Upload Failed | Upload Stuck At 90 Percent – Fixed

How To Fix IGTV Upload Failed: We all are aware of Instagram it is one of the most popular social media application of this era. There are millions of active users of Instagram and it is defecting it fellow competitors in market. Few month back Instagram releases their video sharing app. IGTV is already embedded inside Instagram app means it is ready to use. There are lot of this to know about Instagram IGTV video sharing app.

As soon as this app is launched people start comparing it with YouTube. But this is starting phase of IGTV and it is not the correct to compare it with the giant video sharing app YouTube. If you are a YouTuber or you love to make your own videos then this IGTV App is for you. As we said IGTV is quite a new app so users are facing some issues. Today we are discussion one of them that is “How To Fix IGTV Upload Failed”. As we went through different forums IGTV users are complaining that there upload stuck at 90 percent. There can be multiple reasons for IGTV upload failed or video upload stuck at 90 %. To fix IGTV upload failed kindly go through the full article.

igtv upload failed

What IGTV Upload Failed | Upload Stuck at 90%?

A lot of IGTV users said there IGTV Video Upload Stuck at 90 Percent. They tried different file format as well but not able to Fix IGTV upload failed issue. So, here in this post we have discussed several reasons for this error on IGTV. If you are also facing this on your IGTV app please go through the guidelines which we have given below.

Fix IGTV Upload Failed | Video Upload Stuck at 90

There are lot of restrictions imposed by Instagram. We have listed those for you to avoid IGTV upload failed issue.

Length of Video

As we are allowed to load clips of video on Instagram stories same applies here also if you are not verified Instagram user. Yes! If you are not a verified user you can upload only 10 seconds to 10 minutes video on IGTV App. However, if you have a verified Instagram account then only you can upload 60 minutes video. Here we want to bring something in notice that is such large videos can be only uploaded from computer. If you are trying uploading large videos through IGTV app or Instagram app you may get IGTV upload failed error.

Size of Video

As we all know IGTV is quite a new app and some restrictions are there on size of video too. As per IGTV guidelines, 10 minutes or less video cannot exceed 650 MB of size whereas for 60 minutes of video 3.6 GB is allowed. If your IGTV video upload stuck at 90 percent please check its size.

Resolution of Video

There must be lot of researches are done by Instagram or IGTV team on user experience. So based on their study IGTV allowed only vertical format means landscape videos are not allowed. Apart from this you have to main aspect ratio of 9:16 along with minimum of 30 FPS and 720 pixels. Most of the users missed this resolution factor while uploading video and faced IGTV upload failed error.

Video File Format

As of now IGTV supports only MP4 video format only. If you are trying to upload any other format to your IGTV channel you will encounter upload failed issue. You can easily convert your video file to MP4 format online before uploading.

These are some common guidelines which you have to keep in mind to avoid this IGTV Video Upload Failed issue. Hopefully this article “How to Fix IGTV Upload Failed” helped you in identifying and fixing your issue. If you feel everything is correct and still you are getting this error please try to reach us. You can comment your query below or post if through Contact Us we will try to fix it as soon as possible.


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